Should I get the iphone 4?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thecarrot, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. thecarrot macrumors regular

    Jul 20, 2010
    Hey guys well right now I actually have a Droid X but I'm strongly considering switching over to an iphone 4, because I am still within the 30 days (until August 14). I need some convincing to do so though, lol. Heres some of my basic points as to why I want to switch, and things I like/dislike about each phone.

    Reasons to switch (that I have came up with so far)
    -Would be on a family plan for ATT, only pay 40 a month for unlimited messaging, nearly minutes because of rollover, and 2gb of data
    -Currently I would pay 90 a month for verizon, so i would save 50 a month if i switched!

    iPhone 4 pros:
    -higher screen resolution
    -more/better apps
    -simple UI
    -better camera/front camera

    Droid X pros:
    -much better coverage/service
    -bigger screen ( i watch a lot of video )
    -i personally like the android UI more
    -true multitasking
    -WIDGETS!!! (biggest missing thing from iphone)
    -hdmi output, non factor for me though

    Well guys let me know of any other reasons why I should switch, I would like to add I went from an iphone 3g to the DX so I am familiar with the iphone UI already, I do like android more (just a personal preference), But saving 50 a month seems like its worth it pretty much. Also, if I were to switch, is the iphone 4 still sold out everywhere? That would be my biggest problem
  2. F123D macrumors 68040


    Sep 16, 2008
    Del Mar, CA
    Seems like good reasons on both ends but think of all the things you could buy with $600 saved each year.
  3. samcraig macrumors P6

    Jun 22, 2009
    I don't think anyone here will convince you to switch nor should they. You've listed out the pros for each. And it all comes down to personal preference. No one here is inside your head nor know what you will or won't prefer. Sorry - not much help - but that's really the bottom line
  4. jacollins macrumors 6502a

    Jun 19, 2010
    -Both phones are good.
    -Neither phone is perfect.
    -2GB is pretty skimpy.
    -Verizon's probably going to cap at some point, so if you have an "unlimited" plan now, it'll be grandfathered in (like the AT&T "unlimited" plan). If you bounce around between phones, you'll probably lose that.
  5. Irish Rose macrumors 65816

    May 29, 2010
    Verizon is definitely going to Cap, someone posted the new caped plans on their official website, and they were promptly removed by the admins. So, it's only a matter of time now.
  6. Wicked1 macrumors 68040


    Apr 13, 2009
    New Jersey
    Apple releases updates less often then Android does and with some of the updates coming out messing up some phones, that could be one point.

    My son had a Droid Eris he updated all the time, and he had strange things happen each time he ran the updates, he is 18 and tech savy so he said he had enough and jumped to AT&T onto an iPhone with the rest of us.
  7. skiltrip macrumors 68030

    May 6, 2010
    New York
    Seems eerily similar to PCs.
  8. thecarrot thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 20, 2010
    Thanks so much for the input! I didn't realize until you posted that that I would save 600 a year by switching, thats enough of a reason for me. The problem is the iphone 4 is still completely sold out is it not?
  9. wirelessmacuser macrumors 68000


    Dec 20, 2009
    Why not. It's a pretty good phone depending on your needs.
  10. iCandii macrumors member

    Jul 7, 2010
    sounds like you like the features of the droid more.
  11. Monkeymonkey macrumors newbie

    Aug 2, 2010
    You made the pros and cons list. Now just pick the one you want the most. ;)
  12. eawmp1 macrumors 601


    Feb 19, 2008
    No, it's not.

    I'm clearly have a preference for the Droid based on your posts, yet the deciding factor is iPhone availability???
  13. thecarrot thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 20, 2010
    I probably do have a slight preference to the DX device, but saving $50 a month is more important to me considering how great of a device the iphone 4 still is. The availability is not the deciding factor but like I said I have until August 14 to switch from verizon, and if the iphone were to not be available by then I would be out of luck without completely not having a phone until it becomes available, no? But I'm getting ahead of myself as I have not even called any stores asking for availability, do you know of which store I might have the best luck with? Thanks in advance :)

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