Should I have just bought a MBA....?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mackme, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Why would I go and do something stupid like that you may ask?

    I have been waiting for a year to get a MBA, I travel 2-3 weeks a month and even though I have an iPad (which I love holds it's own in the household and like a pet has it's own special place....normally beside me)
    Unfortunatly I am seriously restricted to what I can do on the iPad, it does try hard but in all honestly, it is not a REAL computer. Hey, I got my kindle, my Netflix, my email & a bazillion apps and all this is great stuff but the inability to do anything beyond the basics like play a game, surf the net and try to make a word document really bugs me. (this paragraph should be in another forum sorry)

    I digress.

    So I also have a MBP & it is bulky, when you have 8 kg hand luggage restriction, that extra KG means a lot.

    So why buy a MBA?

    1. Functionally - full blown OSX, camera, USB etc
    2. Weight - both 11&13" models will be a hit with small people!
    3. Form - no one yet has said it is ugly and as uncle Steve said, it is the future of laptops so don't be surprised when a 15 and 17" version appear)
    4. The iPad dosent cut the "Computer" mustard (for me at least)

    Yes along with the rest of you, I am disappointed with the new MBA spec's but it isn't the end of the world, (unless you purchase the 1.4ghz!!!!)

    We all know the previous MBA has issues with video cards and processors and heat dissipation but hells bells Steve, a upwards tweak of the processor in the new model would have been nice..... I kinda think this was lazy of apple not to do this.

    I pity the poor person that buys the 1.4ghz, there will defiantly be some complaints over that one but maybe with the new hard drive it will be a different benchmark of speed?.......Probably not especially with the shared video card memory.

    I have bought the MBA 13.3/2.16/4/256 and with these specs I am sure it will last me a few years.

    And then there is price, that grand old argument, "just get a MBP" we constantly hear people grumbling on these forums.....

    Well I can't answer that one because there is no right answer, if you are prepared to pay more money for functionality form & weight (or lack thereof) then at the end of the day that is your decision.
    If you want to spend the same or even less money for raw power but lose the mobility, again that is your decision,

    Its called opportunity cost.

    Do I think I got good value for money for my top of the line MBA?

    Yes and No

    I think uncle steve is rubbing his hands together with glee and sitting in his castle counting all his money because yes I did pay top dollar for a old processor but I now have something that is perfect for me, it's extremely mobile, its better than the old model, I can plug stuff into it, I can edit my photos, amend my website and all the usual stuff and more importantly it will last.

    But all arguments to one side, I am sure there is one thing we all can agree on, ITS AN APPLE!!! Hurraagh!

    Oh on a side note, would all you whiney windows supporters can kindly wander off to your own operating system forums and talk about your sony's Z's and Hp's whatevers over there???

    thanks very much!
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    I want back the two minutes I wasted reading this rambling nonsense.

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