Should I have to wait over a month for a BTO PBook?


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Nov 15, 2001
I ordered my 15" PBook on the 6th of Feb. It was a stock 1.67 with the exception of the 128MB VRAM upgrade. Whilst the estimated build time quoted was 10-15 days (sometime between Feb 16 and 21), the order status page said the est. ship date was "on or before 28/2/05". I didn't mind this too much, as my computer would arrive near the beginning of the uni year, maybe after the first week.

But today (1/3/05) the est shipping had slipped to the 16th of march, which is one month and ten days after I ordered it! Now i don't expect it to come before say the end of the third week of uni :(

Is it normal to have to wait 40 days for Apple to ship a computer they said would take 10-15 days to build? Are others experiencing these delays?

Any insight (or even sympathy!) would be greatly appreciated!


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Jan 29, 2005
Sydney, Australia
hey woodsey,

Sorry u do have to wait. I see u are also from Australia. I ordered mine when the Rev D's first appeared 2nd of Feb i think it was and I only got it last week! Its a major pain in the arse i know. I was going out of my mind and pestering the poor woman (Jill) on the Apple Store line. :mad:

The 10-15 days is actually working days (Mon-Fri) unfortunately.

I too needed mine for uni. Im pretty sure that u will get it before the revised shipping date 16th March - I did! I think my revised shipping date was 3rd of March by I got it 24th of Feb.

You will get it. Apple just likes to test ur patience. U will appreciate ur new PB that much more when u get it, having waited sssssoooooo lllllooooonnnnnggggg :)

EDIT: I should add: I also got a BTO 15". I upgraded the HD and VRAM. I would imagine that this slows down the process considerably. I think if u bought a standard 17" or 12" you would get it much sooner.


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Nov 10, 2004
Unfortunately Australia is at the bottom of Apple's priority list. They fulfill orders for other countries before they get to ours :mad:

I too have a BTO on order. The current estimated shipping date is March 9th (I ordered on Feb 21st), but I'm sure as soon as the 10 day period after order date for cancelling orders is up it will be pushed back even further.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait and I won't be loaded with another dud like I did with my last two Apple lappies.


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Jan 1, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
Ah, so it's not just me who got stuck waiting! Though my case is probably a little more extreme than most.

My system took just shy of 9 weeks to turn up. I ordered my 17" Powerbook (BTO) on December 21, 2004, from a local reseller. They decided for me to hold back the order until the new models were announced after macworld, and then failed to tell me what I was now ordering, or how much it would cost. After a few more phone calls, I finally received the one I'd been waiting for on Monday, and I raced in and picked it up.

I'm just starting my (hopefully short) postgrad career, and probably needed to have this back in January when they originally promised me. I've got piles of code to port over from DirectX to Quicktime, and it would have been nice to have had those two months or so in order to get things up and running before I started. So now I start tomorrow, and don't even have a bag to take it to uni in yet.

I still don't feel like I should have had to wait so long for this machine. However, now I do have it, I do understand what inlimboo means -- though I'm pretty sure I'd love this thing to bits anyway :) I can't even compare this to my PC, and I've run out of superlatives for it.

As for 12"/17" vs 15", I wouldn't know exactly, other than everything is on back order. I wouldn't be supprised if Australia was drawing the short straw on shipments, and I think that's what the staff alluded to as well. You just have to sit back and keep loading pictures of other people's setups until that special day...

Best of luck to all those who are eagerly awaiting their new deliveries. Don't go too crazy, and you might like to check out in the meantime for some aussie-specific apple discussions.


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Nov 15, 2001
Thx for your replies guys! I was starting to think that there was a problem with my order, but it seems I've just been treated like a second rate customer like most other Aussies! (Despite the fact that we pay comparatively more for the machines!)

Still cant wait for it to arrive, tho! Its driving me NUTS!

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