Should i invest in a $4000 AUD laptop?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Bigabouli, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Bigabouli macrumors member

    Oct 18, 2008
    Hi, I'm new to these forums and i wanted the opinion of some experts on purchasing a macbook pro.

    This is a somewhat long story, but i think context is necessary to understand my position. It all started with my dell XPS m1330 which i ordered 1 year and 2 months ago. This thing is the most problem prone machine i have ever used. Just to give you some idea, i have replaced by bottom base twice, motherboard thrice, hardrive once, and a few other parts which i am unsure how to describe. problems have included the laptop turning on in my bag by itself, the NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS playing up (which has been a common and widespread problem), and a slight wobble since the base is not completely flat. As you can see - hardly a reliable laptop. In fact i am waiting for a technician to come again on monday - if the turning on problem is no fixed i am going to RAWR at the dell customer service people (most of whom you struggle to understand) until they offer me a new unit or some form of compensation.

    I am a uni student, and use the laptop for basic functions, as well as some moderate gaming when i have time. Having my computer break down on me is a huge inconvenience, since i use it every day to take down notes and listen to lectures i've missed. Having the hardrive die lost me a lot of work which couldn't be recovered. Ever feel like you wanted to throw your laptop against a wall and claim it as an "accident" under Dell's warranty? i sure have...

    So, i am on the market for a new, more reliable laptop and having heard good things about the macbook pro from friends i decided to make the move to :apple:. I did some research and decided to wait a month for the new macbook pros, thinking that they shouldn't disappoint.

    IMO the new laptops are both a step forward and back for various reasons which i presume you all know having read many rants about the screen etc. However, i am not disappointed and am still keen to make a purchase. there was only one surprise - October the 14th would hold a $600 AUD (australian dollar) increase in the price of the upper model MBP, and a $500 increase for the lower model. I recognise that the price increases are to adjust for the depreciating AUD, and that the prices aren't too far off those in the US as it includes all taxes (including a 10% GST). :apple: are trying to preserve their profit margin in AUD by doing this, but this will be at a huge cost. The price for the upper model is now $3999, one of the most expensive laptops i've ever seen. In comparison my M1330 cost $2300 and included 4Gb of ram and a 2 year warranty. Dell, who update prices and special offers weekly haven't changed their prices at all. The "apple premium", which i hope is for build quality has really blown out. Also to give you readers a comparison, a playstation 3 costs $700 and my 1998 toyota camry cost be $5000.

    So I face a dilemma - is this new MBP worth $4000 of my money? i can claim the education discount, but i would buy applecare for such a expensive piece of equipment, which is more than the discount. I was browsing some online shops for the previous gen MBP too - the upper model now costs $2899 new, down from $3399 (the Australian refurb store hardly has any laptops). This seems like a pretty good deal, but i am hesitant again since $3000 for an outdated model is still a bit steep.

    Ow and a question - do you think it is possible to claim the educational discount for clearance stock MBPs?

    Ok, thanks for bearing through this longwinded story. Any comments and opinions are appreciated.
  2. futuremac macrumors member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Melbourne, Australia
    I recommend you move quick on the last gen MBP. I got the last one from the place I bought it at for $2850 - 2.5GHz. They won't last long elsewhere (the 2.5s are almost gone across the country) and I'd hardly say it was old tech. Performance wise I don't think there's much difference unless you like playing games. I personally like the matte screen and design of the old one better, plus it's slightly smaller and lighter. Even if the new one was the same price as the old I'd still choose the old one.

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