should i keep my 6+ gray or wait for my gold?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tbluhp, Sep 22, 2014.

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    I am debating weather or not to keep my space gray VZW 6+ or wait until October 10 for them VZW to send out my preorder. I purchased spaygray at applestore using personal pickup if I do this will apple charge or deduct from my refund an restock fee if so how much dose not state on my receipt. Also am I allowed to return to any apple store I purchased this at a store that is 4 hour commute cause when I checked apple in store pick up that was the only store somewhat close by. for me I think color is a preference but I do not want to wait until Oct 10 plus shipping days to get an phone when I just got luck to get it in space gray today? What would you do I love gold but hate waiting.
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    Do you use a case? If so then who the hell cares, only the ring will be noticeable. I was in a similar situation as I ordered a silver that got delayed a week so I camped Apple and got a Gold 6+ which is what I really wanted. My silver ended up coming today so now I'm just going to try and flip it and if I can't just return it. Gold is better but really in my case it's not noticeable.
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    should i keep my 6+ gray or wait for my gold?

    Gray all day.

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