should I keep my new white <strike>iBook</strike> Macbook or send it back?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by fastjon4, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Jan 7, 2011
    I received an unexpected Christmas gift from a family member a couple weeks ago. A white Macbook. Now I can't decide if I should open it or not.

    My iBook died about 10 months ago and for the past year, for the first time in my life, I've been using Windows computers. I had been using an old Toshiba Satellite that a friend of mine gave me (it was running XP - which I discovered I totally hate) and then, a few months ago I bought myself a really cheap Toshiba from Walmart (it's got a really old, really crappy AMD Sempron chip) that runs Windows 7. Aside from having to spend a few hours on the phone with my little brother a month ago having him help me get rid of a nasty virus I picked up (I think I must have accidentally clicked 'ok' in some dialog box that got thrown in my face), I've discovered that I actually kind of like Windows 7. I hate the keyboard, trackpad, the lack of a built in web camera, and the general slowness of the laptop I have been using, but having spent most of the last year very much underemployed, I had resigned myself to living with Windows for awhile. Then I got this macbook.

    I need to decide if I should send it back to where it came from, and wait for the new 13" model, upgrade to a refurbished 13" Pro (which only costs about $70 more than this white one cost) or a 11 in. MBA which costs the same - except that if I were to get one of those, I really would prefer the 4GB version, as I do not live the kind of lifestyle that allows me to splurge on new Apple products every few months. And I've never once burned a DVD in my entire life - so I don't think I really need a optical drive; but I still kind of like having one. I do have this piece of junk Toshiba though, so I could always use it's drive were I to get an Air. I like the light weight of that machine... but I am not sure I trust it to last a really long time (and also, the battery is no where near as good as the macbooks.)

    In the last 16 years, I've owned three Apple computers, each of which was my sole PC, which I used for about 5 years each. I've never owned an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad ... and I think I might be one of the few persons in America who has used Apple computers for over 20 years but has never owned an iPod.

    I like Apple products because they are reliable and user friendly, not because they are a status symbol (which they unfortunately seem to have become in recent years). In a few months, I will be taking a job in an undeveloped region of Africa and I will be staying there for a couple years, being paid about US$200 per month. I haven't been into video editing or anything that requires massive processing power, so this macBook (with an eventual RAM upgrade and a larger HD) would probably suit me just fine for the next 3-4 years.

    So anyway, the metal 'pro' version is nicer and does have firewire and a built in SD card slot - but I've never actually used either of those things in my life (when I need to download pictures or video from my canon 870SD, I've always just used my little $5 USB thing, or a cable, and every external HD I've bought has always been USB, not firewire. I fear the new $1000 computer Apple comes out with soon, which I expect to be released any day or not might have something like USB3, which will make this one look really insufficient in a few years. This new latest and greatest consumer model Macintosh portable might still be called macbook or they might change the name to something even stupider - like MacDaddy (I really don't care ... iBook seemed like a good enough name to me ... as did Performa) but Apple will release a new model, and it will be in the next month or two, of that I am certain. I had been thinking it would be this week. But anyway, I am really sick of typing on this low budget Toshiba, and am starting to want to open that Macbook up. But then again, for what I do now, this machine is still working fine. So should I open it, or send my unopened Christmas present back andwait for the next model. Or should spend a little extra cash (which is something I really don't have very much right now) to get a shinier, aluminum version (or a 2 or 4GB Air)?
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    There is no such thing as a new white iBook. iBooks have not been produced since the shift to Intel.

    There is always something new on the horizon. Maybe Apple will introduce an updated Mac in the next few weeks or it might not be until March or April. No one knows outside of Apple.

    don't expect to see USB3.0 on the MacBooks or MBPs until Intel has it in their chipset.
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    Jan 7, 2011
    yeah, I mean Macbook. Like I said, I really don't care about the name.
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    keep the macbook you can upgrade it, and always dual boot with windows 7 and all will be well.:apple:

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