should i keep my PB?

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    i needed a laptop for school at the beginning of this year and was about to purchase a Dell or any cheapo PC laptop. but it just so happened that my sis is a graphic designer and sorta needed a laptop too. well, she offered to pay half the laptop if i would get a 1.67 128 v-ram PB, so i decided to try out the PB. so 6 months later the laptop is paid off and realized that my sister only needed it 3 days out of the whole 6 months. this is good for me, but i feel like its sort of a waste. i really only use to do hw (word, excel, pp), ocassional photoshop, iTunes, watch DVDs, garageband, etc.
    well, i just needed a second opinion because i was thinking of selling it since i'm not really using it to its full potential. i can use the extra cash, although i'm not really desperate for money or anything. and i feel that i can't go back to PC after using this machine. i can't decide.
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    Just keep it. By the time you sell it, and buy a new machine, you will not get a good value for your money. Plus the better machine will last you longer in the long run, so you will get more for your money.
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    Are you saying you want to sell it and buy a cheaper Mac laptop (old PowerBook or iBook)? I personally wouldn't bother since, like a car, it's already lost a large chuck of it's value by simply being taken out of the box. It's probably not worth your while. Also, remember that system requirements (even for Word) will only go up. This PowerBook should last you a very long time.
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    If you are lucky enough to own a brand-new, paid off, top of the line PowerBook G4- then KEEP IT! :eek: :)

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