Should I make my eMac G4 into a server?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by drnebulous, Jun 13, 2014.

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    I don't know anything about servers or what they are used for. I just hear people say that they turn their PPC gear into servers. Would I even need one? I'm a producer/sound engineer. I use my mac pro for everything such as work, media, games, photography, video editing etc... What could I do with a server that would help me?

    Here are the specs

    eMac G4 (USB1)
    512MB Ram
    40GB HD
    32MB GPU

    I have tried to research this topic but it seems very confusing?
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    Servers tend to be specific to type. For instance, a file server will store files. Authenticated users can open them, create new files, or overwrite old files.

    A web server serves up web pages on demand. Some web servers utilize databases and can put together dynamic content for the user.

    A time server is just that. It keeps track of the time and anyone can connect to it and have their clock set by it.

    Game servers can host games. So on an on.

    Where I would start is a determination of your need. You say that you use your MP for everything. Is there anything that would make your life easier using the MP that a server can do? Such as storing your files? Or backing up your MP?

    If the answer is no, then you have no real need for a server.

    The primary purpose of my Quicksilver at home is to share two USB 2.0 hard drives that serve as network drives for Time Machine purposes. I have five Macs backing up to disk images on those drives. I also use it to store files that I can access with any Mac on my home network.

    At work I have an old G4/350 PCI that functions as an Applescript server. It processes photos for our newspaper, moves email attachments and ad proofs in to their proper destination folders and delivers our newspages from the editorial side to my side. Your eMac could also be an Applescript server, if there is anything you can think of to use Applescript for.

    In the past I have also used servers to run a copy of Acrobat Distiller. A hot folder is watched by Distiller and any EPS files dropped in there are spit out as PDFs. That's also another option if you use those programs.

    Another use is as a print server. We have another G4 here at work that does that job. Without it, my Mac Pro here at work could not talk to the Appletalk printers we use.

    So, there you go. Just some options for you.
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    eMacs tend to not make very good servers. They are not very energy efficient, are loud, and limited to T100 Ethernet speeds.
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    Jun 10, 2014
    I have 2 G4 server ready to go.
    both work,but on one is a Hard Drive Bay missing,and having some Wear on it.
    They are free. Just collect.
    also have a Blue 3G Monitor and a few FW800 to give away. Also for free.
    But they are heavy,so i dont ship,and having wear as they get moved around in Storage,but work.
    Collection were in Hatfield
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