Should I plan on ugrading? iMac , 4K, and the future.

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    Hello, all!

    Forgive the title...hopefully this is the right forum to put this thread in.
    I've got a 2012 27-inch iMac that has 2.9GHz i5, Nvidia 660m, 24GB ram, 1TB HDD which has been working out great for my current needs. I do a lot of spreadsheets, mapping services, lots of internet browsing, watch movies, listen to music, etc. I plan on keeping this computer for perhaps another 3 years or so.

    I wanted to know, however, with new technologies such as 4K, etc... if this computer (specifically, the graphics card) will handle newer OSes, 4K streaming, etc with ease? It sounds silly, perhaps, but I feel as if the Core2Duos really struggled with Lion, Mountain Lion, HD streaming, etc. the Core I-series seem much more capable and the 660M should perform better than an integrated solution.

    I do plan on adding an external, Thunderbolt-connected SSD for the OS and apps, and perhaps even add another 8GB of ram to max it out at 32GB- but this may not be cost effective as I would have to buy two-16GB sticks.

    Then, there is the possibility of a higher resolution screen...and I cannot connect a 4K monitor to this model at 60hz, correct?

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on how technology will progress.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Worrying about a future that hasn't happened

    Your computer will be fine for a fair few years yet.

    I see nothing in your workload that suggests movie producer, so 4K video is a non event until broadcasting bandwidth and 4K TV uptake reaches a saturation point that makes it worthwhile.

    I would not suggest an external SSD for your apps etc it'll work but why not spend the money getting the machine upgraded wuith an ssd and move your HD to external storage for films and media.

    As for OS to be honest they are getting better at using less resources (mainly due to the limits of battery life etc in mobile devices) I don't think that any new apple OSes for the forseeable future will not work on this beast. Yosemite is due to run fine on old core 2 duos. I will say that Apples latest OS seems to run far better on SSD than normal HDD so that is what I would concentrate on.

    Just enjoy your great machine and that wonderful 1440p screen until ththe new technology is mature enough for apple to include it then enjoy a new machine when it is needed.
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    The HDD is near impossible to upgrade in the 2012 iMac. An external TB SSD is just about the best and only option for getting an SSD. You can pick up a 512GB SSD for about $210. You can also pick up a 256GB SSD for around $110. Here are some solid choices:

    Crucial MX100 512GB:

    TB Dock:

    The only features so far that will not be supported in OSX Yosemite are those that require AC wifi. Handoff, and some other iOS integration features will not work, but in no way is that a reason to upgrade. 1440p is gorgeous, and 2160p (4k) will not make any noticeable difference unless you are doing professional photography/video work.
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    Ah, I see. I thought the Late 2012 iMac had Bluetooth LE 4.0 which should enable it to handle Handoff and Continuity? Don't those features work over wi-fi too?
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    Oh ok, that is my bad. For some reason I thought AC wifi was required for handoff.

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