Should I put iOS 8 back on my 4s?

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by quantony, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. quantony macrumors newbie

    Dec 2, 2010
    I wish i would've read this blog and others like it, earlier ….

    About 7 weeks ago noticed my wifi wasn't working on my 4s. It kept on telling me that passwords weren't correct ( though they were) and couldn't connect.
    I tried the different things suggested to get it working to no avail.

    I hoped maybe updating to the new ios would help and figured it had been long enough since its september release to get the bugs out, so at the begining of december i updated...

    The update to ios8 didn't help my wifi and i thought i noticed shorter battery life. Some of the new features like predictive text are nice though.

    I went to the apple store. Got to talk to a real genius who upon further examination of my phone said there was nothing they could do about the wifi except replace my 4s with a "new" 4s for $200. I love the phone, why not? The genius did say that the 4s' were somewhat problematic with wifi but that the replacement being offered should work just fine...

    After having learned from their examination of my phone that my battery life was "consumed" I figured why not. If my battery was in that shape ( i figured that was why i had been experiencing the poor battery life) apple would replace it for $80. Why not just get the whole 4s new for $200? Sounded like a decent offer as i had no desire to upgrade to the newer models and need an unlocked phone, which means i don't use contracts and pay full price for my hardware.

    The genius came back with the replacement. I said goodbye to my 4s. He checked the new 4s had wifi and sent me on my way. I checked wifi at two places i go to and after putting in the passwords they got on fine.

    I figured problem solved. Went home and restored the phone from backup. A backup which i did after updating to the latest version of iOS8 and before i had gone to the apple store.

    After the update; wala ! the wifi which had been also working in my place before the restoration was inoperable, greyed out was the wifi button and nothing could change it…..

    I went back to the genius' who confirmed that the wifi was indeed not working, apologized profusely and ordered yet another replacement. I put off picking the new 4s till a few days ago, which was about 3 weeks since i had first returned the new 4s.
    I spent that time researching and trying to get better informed about the problems associated with the new iOS and 4s' especially. boy I'm pissed with apple about this one. Seriously have considered jumping ship, but the only android i really want ( HTC one m8), is too big and i really don't want to spend the money….also the whole new app thing….so decided to stick with the iPhone for now…

    Seeing the new phone i noticed that it has iOS 7.1.2 on it! Im wondering if the 1st replacement ( I didn't check) also came with 7.1 and the wifi just failed immediately upon restoring from backup, which was the backup i did after updating to ios8….maybe i should just keep it at 7?

    All the posts about people bummed they can't revert to the older iOS bec apple isn't signing 7.1.2 anymore and here the phone they're selling me, has it installed…wow.

    I guess i shouldn't restore from backup and leave this phone in 7….
    or should i restore from backup, just to see if the wifi immediately fails again….then i will return to apple, they'll apologize profusely again. I'll hope that the next replacement will also have 7.1.2 on it and just keep it that way,

    What are the votes for trying the restore from backup which will also update the os to 8???
  2. Paddle1 macrumors 68040

    May 1, 2013
    It's impossible to know what will happen if you install the latest version of iOS 8, you could wait for a different version or try and see if was fixed since then. Or maybe change your wifi settings and see if that helps.

    However I do know the other replacement phone had to have iOS 8 because you can't use iOS 8 backups on iOS 7. I suppose that would mean it could be something wrong with the backup.
  3. fardeenah macrumors regular

    Sep 11, 2013
    if u can stay on 7.1.2 , thats the best, ios 8 is ok when u are running a single app, but when u try to do multi tasking, its laggy as hell to switch back and forth. it sucks
  4. iamMacPerson macrumors 68030


    Jun 12, 2011
    Stay on 7. On the 4s, iOS 8 offers very few features over iOS 7 except being able to say you are running the newest iOS.
  5. redheeler macrumors 604


    Oct 17, 2014
    Stay on iOS 7.1.2. The 4s is known to lag heavily on iOS 8.
  6. quantony thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 2, 2010
  7. FlamingFoxx macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2014
    I don't experience heavy lag on my 4S with the latest version of iOS 8. It's not as fast as 7 certainly though. The biggest annoyance is that the screen size is too small. When I'm replying to a text or email etc after 3 or 4 lines of typing I can no longer see the message that I'm replying to and there is no way to pull the message down (you should theoretically be able to but I can't do it, I just end up pulling the notifications down). iOS 8 was clearly not made with the 4S's screen size in mind. I actually think it's kind of pitiful that they "support" it on the 4S, but have clearly made no effort to ensure everything works well enough.

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