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    I know it is a longer post, please read to get the full idea of the story.

    Launch day iPhone 6s here. I set the phone up from my previous backups. About a month or two ago my iPhone shut down at around 20% power and wouldn't turn on until I plugged it in. Then it acted as if it was at 20+% and charged normally.

    It happened one other time after that. I did everything I could find on the web. Conditioning the battery, resetting all network settings, etc. I brought it to Apple and they said the battery was healthy (side note, their other diagnostic tools failed twice and the Genius said that it was their server issue and not to worry about it). The problem did not recur, until...

    This week it started again and has happened 4-5 additional times, dying/turning off at around 17-22%.

    Apple wants me to do a restore (as new I guess). I really don't want to because then I'll have to reinstall and setup the phone (lots of apps and data), then I'll have to re-pair my Apple Watch and lose all of that data.

    Is this a hardware problem, or could this truly be a software bug that can only be solved by restoring the phone from scratch?

    Should I do the restore?

    I have another Genius appointment set for Thursday afternoon.
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    The only way to know for sure is to restore it through iTunes and set it up as new. If it is still happening then it is a hardware issue. If it doesn't happen after the restore then it could have been something in your backup.
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    unfortunately the restore is the only way to know if it''s an hardware failure or not....
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    You need to go through the progression of what it might be, before Apple moves on to address a possible hardware issue. I know it's not great but overall if you want your phone fixed, its the only way to go.
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    I suggest you restore as they tell you to, then monitor the battery for a couple of days only with the essential stuff in it and then see if you still have the problem. You can always restore your backup at any time
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    When I sign in to iCloud will I get all my Health and Activity data back? It seems really crummy to lose all of that data I've stored up over the past few years...

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