iPad mini Should I Restore?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by XTheLancerX, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Since iOS 8, my iPad mini with Retina has been... Odd. I sort of was expecting this, but I checked with my friends air and he has none of my problems.

    Multitasking Gestures are spotty. I have heard other complaints of this, so I'm not too worried. There is a fairly large delay when maneuvering to the app switcher, using a gesture or double tapping the home button. Screen rotation is horribly slow. At the lock screen, when I need to rotate the screen, I turn the device, and nothing happens. However the "Slide to Unlock" animation starts to lag very badly, and a black border can be seen rotating around the lock screen sort of. Hard to explain. Anyway the delay is so large that the "Slide to Unlock" gleam I guess you could say, goes a full two times before the screen laggily turns. My friends iPad doesn't do this at all. Anywhere I turn the screen, it also shows a black border almost rotating, then the actual content turns. It all is pretty slow. Lastly, whenever leaving messages, Safari, and sometimes settings or photos, the animation lags and jerks very badly.

    I tried a "Reset All Settings" and it did the trick for about a day or two, then all the problems returned. I really really don't want to restore through iTunes and start fresh, but I may end up doing anything it takes to stop this. I did an OTA update, no clean install. I intended to update through iTunes but ran into problems and got impatient, so... That's that. Probably why I am having such problems in the first place but anyway. Anybody having similar problems, or should I restore and start fresh?
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    Have you tried a hard reboot? Sometimes that cures crazy problems.

    As to OTA updates, have never done one and never will. I always plug into my computer, do a manual backup with iTunes, then check for the latest software using the option to download now and install later.

    I also never, ever immediately download and install any new iOS. Always wait a couple of weeks (or more) to let the dust clear.

    Also learned the hard way not to immediately update my apps until I've had a chance to read user reviews first.

    Slow methods, but I've never encountered any major problems.
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    I typically follow the same rules, iTunes updates only. I do, however, typically update right off the bat and haven't had any debilitating issues. These are just pretty decently minor annoyances.

    Anyway, this time though I was having issues with iTunes, then I was away from home, and I got impatient. Now I am regretting it.
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    Excellent advice. I do the same thing.
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    Before you bother with a full restore try

    1. Turning it off.
    2. Reset all settings

    Either of these things can fix a lot of stuff with having to mess with a whole restore.

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