iPod touch should i return?


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Oct 2, 2007
hey guys,
ive had my ipod touch for about a week now and so far it has been great but i just noticed something the other day, when in coverflow the albums that have the music note (because they dont have album art) look terribly pixelated and crappy, also when viewing something that has a colour very close to white (ex. very light gray, like below the ipods on www.apple.com/ipodtouch ) it just goes white.
is this a display problem or just a software problem?


(I'm running Windows Vista, iTunes 7.4.3, and iPod software 1.1.1)


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Jul 26, 2005
That's a new one on me. The music notes look pretty smooth on mine. Ultimately, if it bother you, you should try to get a new one. Take it in & compare to display models + iPhones first. Then, if you see a difference, point it out to the Geniuses & ask for a replacement. If they hassle you (in my own exp., some will say bad one are "within spec"), ask for a full refund, no restocking fee.

But if what you're reporting is right, and you see a noticeable difference btwn. yours and others, they shouldn't give you any hassle (if it's Apple; I hear it's even easier to do returns elsewhere). Just be polite.
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