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Mar 27, 2009
I had the iPad 2 for 5 months then I got the iPhone. I feel like I'm just using a big iPhone now and the screen is too big. I have a white MacBook like 2007 or something. I was thinking of selling the MacBook for $500 and the iPad 2 for $700 (perfect condition, comes with 2.5 year drop/spill warranty best buy + used leather smart over) [good price?], that would leave me with $1200 to get the 13" MacBook pro. It's funny if you think about it if the iPad 2 and the MacBook had a son it would look like a MacBook pro.


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Apr 17, 2011
Not sure if you can get 500 for your macbook considering its a 2007 model since you can get way better new laptops for that price. Also if its anything like my old white macbook then the battery probably wouldn't last more than 30 mins without charge. I'd say you'd be lucky to get 300 for it. However, the upgrade to a macbook pro is definitely worth it if you can manage to sell your stuff for the price you are asking for.


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Nov 2, 2006
I recently sold my 2006 BlackBook for around $350, I believe, and a 2009 MacBook for $484 with Best Buy's Trade-In program. I'm thinking your 2007 would fall somewhere in between those two numbers if you opt for a Trade-In. If you choose to do the BBY Trade-In, trade it in at the store since the Online Trade-In will take you 3-4 weeks to get your gift card.
Chances are you might sell it for a bit more on eBay but considering the crazy eBay and Paypal fees, BBY's trade-in deal isn't so bad.

iPads...well assuming you have the 64GB WiFi, I'm guessing you could get around $500-$600 taking the eBay fees into consideration. Of course if you have the 3G, the price point may bump a bit more. But again, these are the 'higher' (however not unreasonable) price points, so it may take some patience and efforts to get it to sell at these prices.

So assuming things go as planned, I think you'll enjoy having the MBP. Having come from the 2006 Core Duo BlackBook, my jump to the 13" MBA was pretty significant and I love it so far. I actually did a very similar thing as what you're planning - I sold my BlackBook to Best Buy as well as my old iPod and 2006 Mac Mini, and added a couple hundred bucks for my MBA. I couldn't part with my iPad2 though so I still carry it around.

Not to disappoint you but it sucks how you just missed the Black Friday deal :(

I think you'll be happy with the new MBP. However the MBPs will be refreshed probably next Spring so bear that in mind, although I don't expect the difference between the late-2011 MBP and the next model would be drastically different (sure they can be with the new Ivy Bridge and all, but again, we're upgrading from a anything is better really).

Oh, one thing to note is, you're able to purchase Amazon (Kindle) gift cards with Best Buy gift cards, so you could buy the computer from Amazon if you wish. I just went in and bought mine from Best Buy. I wanted mine 'now' and the 30 day return policy that doesn't involve shipping was a big selling point for me despite Best Buy's taxes.

Good luck!


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Feb 9, 2011
Should I sell my iPad 2 + MacBook for a MacBook Pro?
Not sure why you're asking. It's a call that you need to make. It sounds like you don't see the point in the iPad and want to upgrade your MacBook. If that's truly the case then why wouldn't you?


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Sep 20, 2011
Get the 13 inch air if you do. I sold my early 2011 mbp for a 27 inch iMac and am quite happy with the decision. The iPad meets my mobile needs quite well. Only get the mbp if you need 8 gb of memory or quad core. Otherwise the air is a better buy
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