Should I swap my 15" MBP for a Black MB


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May 24, 2006

About a week back I got a 15.4" MBP which is a 'bit' problematic with heat/whine but 'tolerable'

Temperature does not cross 60 C and whine can be heard only if I place my ear to the keyboard.

However I am seriously tempted with the black MBP and have received an offer from a friend who would like to buy my MBP less 10% ; with this money I could get a Black MB and max out with 120 GB HDD and another GB of RAM

Do you think I should go ahead ? I am checking the forums and people are having problems with MacBooks as well,so should I just use this for a year and then go for Rev B/C/D MacBook.

To begin with I had been waiting for the MacBook which was perfect for my needs but went in for the MBP after I got tired waiting.


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Apr 30, 2002
If I had a Core Duo computer on offer that stayed below 60C even under load, I'd jump at it.

As for the whine, that sounds pretty comparable to the MacBooks I've seen. You're always going to hear some electrical noise if you put your ear right up to the machine. My 1GHz TiBook made a very noticeable noise when scrolling in a window -- and just in general there was a fair bit of mild buzzing from the graphics chip. The whine on defective MBP computers is in a different league from this -- audible from across the room and distracting at working distance.


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Jul 23, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
iWaugh said:
...About a week back I got a 15.4" MBP which is a 'bit' problematic with heat/whine but 'tolerable'...
Temperature does not cross 60 C and whine can be heard only if I place my ear to the keyboard...
You mean you have a MacBook Pro with NO PROBLEMS? If it sits on 60'C the idle temp and you can't hear the whine what is the problem? I'm going to tell you to get the MacBook just because you complained about a machine that has no issues at all! :rolleyes:


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Jul 26, 2005
I'd say keep it. You are one of the lucky few who got a perfect MBP. You might get unlucky with the MacBook. Who knows but the only reason i sent back my MBP was because it had the whine and was roasting. If mine was ok i would never have sent it back.

Think of all you'll lose, back lit keyboard, bigger and higher res non-glossy screen, an actual graphics card, ambient light sensor.

BTW what week is your MBP? W86XX in the serial? Mine was week 15 W8615


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Oct 10, 2005
Nicosia, Cyprus
Looks like you should sell it for more than you paid for it since its one of the few perfect MBP's out there! :cool: ;)

Btw i've noticed something strange, when i power-up the MBP for the first time the temp in CoreDuoTemp never passes 32 C no matter what i do on it. If i deliberately stress it the fans start and keep the temp down. However if i restart the computer, the temperature rises up to 60 C within a minute and it doesn't come down even if i let the computer idle for a long time. Either is a a bug in CoreDuoTemp or a bug in OS X. Has anyone noticed anything similar?


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May 21, 2006
Keep It!

I have a 2ghz 15 inch macbook pro, week 20, and have had no problems. It idles around 27-38 depending on what I have running, and when I stress it the highest temperature I have ever seen was 63degrees Celcius. My friend has a week 11 MBP 2.16 and his idles at 60 and gets all the way up to 85+ celcius! Something is wrong with his. If you find one that works, keep it. As far as the whine goes, there are always going to be small electrical (cpu related) noises if you put your ear up to your keyboard. However, do you really use your computer with your ear up to it? There was however- the REALLY bad whine, related to the display, but it seems Apple has worked thoes issues out.

Keep it!
I love mine and it works great.


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Nov 16, 2005
I'm also thinking about going from an MBP to an MB. I've sent it in twice and now it's almost nearly perfect. Some buzzing if I'm in an absolutely dead silent room (which I am, usually. I enjoy the quiet.) but what if the MB I get to replace it has its fair share of problems? There's been some interest among the forums but I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I don't want to have to keep sending my Macs in.


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May 24, 2006
Thank you everyone,

Mine is W8617.I had heat/whine issues but they have 'almost' disappeared after the firmware updates.

Actually it is a friend of mine who is a photographer by profession who is trying to convince me for the MB ;) and he is a long time mac user.

I think I will keep this machine unless he desperately wants it. :rolleyes: