Should i upgrade my iPhone 6 to 8.0.2?

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by christian00, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. christian00 macrumors newbie

    Oct 3, 2014
    Should i upgrade mine cause now I received my phone from verizon and the version of the iOS installed is 8.0. I have been worrying too much about the upgrade since the 8.0.1 which causes a lot of problems to iPhones. And now that the 8.0.2 is released i was wondering about upgrading my iPhone but i have read a lot of articles about the problems on 8.0.2 like the batteries, touch ID, wifi and the keyboard. For example, this website:

    I am also concerned about the batter life of my iPhone 6. I can only use it for 9 hours a day with 11 hours standby and should i let my iPhone 6 charged overnight? Can i just charge the phone whenever i want and whatever percentage it is.

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    There are so many threads about 8.0.2 and it's functionality, there is no need to ask this.

    Please browse the forum and read some of the existing threads.

    Then you can make an informed decision that is correct for you.
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    For the second part of "charging" of your post -- Charge whenever but it should completely discharged to close as 0% once per month to keep the battery in good health ..

    Battery info from Apple on iPhone Battery etc
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    Sep 13, 2013
    I'm going to answer your questions rather than simply give you a sarcastic smartass response. Personally, I have been running 8.0.2 ever since it was available and I can say that it is practically the same as 8.0. I still have the exact same bugs, same battery life, same everything. I'm not sure what other people think but me and my other 3 family members that have iPhones are all on 8.0.2 and have agreed that there is no noticeable difference between 8.0.2 and 8.0. I'm not saying that Apple didn't fix anything with 8.0.2, I'm just saying that we didn't notice. I would say that it is safe to go ahead and install it. That way you are on the latest firmware and won't have that annoying red badge over the Settings app. Also, iPhil is spot on with the charging thing. It's fine to charge it overnight or whenever you need a little more juice but it is good practice to run your phone down to 10% or less every once in a while in order to exercise the battery. Not life or death, but if you happen to think of it, this is a good charging habit to get in to.
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    #5 reason not to.

    And yes...charge phone whenever.
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    First off, 8.0.1 was pulled after just over an hour, so it affected a relatively small number of users. 8.0.2 has been out for more than a week. It fixed some bugs that affected 8.0, while others (like the widely reported Bluetooth and wi-fi issues) remain known issues.

    I've not seen any real evidence of the "new bugs" cited by PC Pro. Anyone that wants to make any argument can use "social media" anecdotes. But, that doesn't constitute real evidence that broad swaths of users have been battling even more bugs since updating to 8.0.2.

    FWIW, for me iOS 8.0.2 eliminated the minor lagging that occurred with 8.0, and my 5s is now running as fast and reliably as it did with 7.1.2. Yes, there are still random bugs, but nothing showstopping like the frequent crashes and random resets that I had with the early versions of iOS 7.

    As others have said, if you're really that skittish about the update, then don't do it. Just don't cite issues like battery life, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and keyboards as something new and unique to 8.0.2, because they were already cited with iOS 8.0. A beta version of 8.1 has already come out, so you know another update will be out soon.

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