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Sep 5, 2019
I've been using my iPhone X since it was released in 2017. It's been a great phone (except for the weak battery), but I am more than ready to go back to the plus/max size phone. I really miss the screen width of my old 8 plus. I have a very strong itch to get the 13 Pro Max.
Is FaceID faster or any better on the 13 Pro Max than it is on the X? FaceID frustrates me to no end on my X. What do you think?

I watched the following video, and it seems that there is no big difference between the two. Am I wrong?

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Aug 23, 2010
Annapolis, MD
Yes, face ID on the X was a first-gen feature. It is tons faster now and it never frustrated me (unless I'm out and about and wearing masks of course, but I have the Apple watch to unlock). I had an X and I currently have a 12 Pro Max (waiting on my 13 PM to ship) and even then, I think X to 12PM is a huge jump already. You'd love the 13 esp with the huge increase in battery life.


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Mar 17, 2012
Aarhus, Denmark
I just sold my 12 Pro Max to a guy upgrading from an X. He was WAY WAY excited about it.

I would say go for it! The battery is amazing and the 120hz screen i really nice indeed.
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Feb 8, 2016
It would be a considerable upgrade! And FaceID is much better than it was :) Keep in mind that you can always re-train it!

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
A 4 generation jump will be noticeable- but the X is still a very fast phone. Don’t upgrade to the 13 for a speed improvement because the speed difference really isn’t very significant.
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