Should I upgrade? ... revisited (yet again)

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    Hi all,

    I have an early-2011 13 MBP ... still running well, it has been a faithful companion over the years and I've made a few upgrades -- 8GB of RAM, dual 128GB SSDs. But I'm perpetually tempted to upgrade to a 15" Retina, particularly the mid-2014 base 15". For the past year, it has been a constant checking of the Apple Refurbished List. Over the past week, I have really come realize the deals to be had at Best Buy, their open boxes. Provided you can overlook some inconsequential cosmetic flaw(s), you may procure the aforementioned model for more than $600 off. Like this one with a dent on the lid, as far as I'm concerned that is all that is wrong with it:

    Moreover, you needn't accept the listed price. Best Buy managers/associates could be haggled with. I walked into a local Best Buy today and inquired about a 15" Retina listed in "excellent" condition. It was priced at $1728.99 (which I would never take) but asked the salesman if it could be had for $1500 and he said that shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, he had troubling locating the MacBook and then discovered it was already spoken for. Nonetheless, this was encouraging. If I could wrangle more than $200 off a machine in excellent condition from a store which has no trouble selling them, then how much can I manage to get off a machine listed as "good" or "fair" from a location which does not normally carry high-end MacBooks and is thus stricken with weekly charge?

    Would you guys seriously consider upgrading? Bear in mind, I don't need this machine but I have for time immemorial wanted it.
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    Disregard the link in the opening post. I meant it to link to this:


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