should I use a screen protector and case?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dweb619_2, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Right now I have a apple silicone case and screen protector on my iPhone 6s. I hardly ever drop my phone and when I do drop its no more than a few inches. Also I don't carry my phone and keys and other sharp things for that matter in the same pocket. Do you think it would be OK to go without them? I feel like 3D Touch isn't working right with the protector on.
  2. Eileen89 macrumors 65816

    Aug 12, 2014
    I had a glass screen protector on the RG 6S + that I returned and didn't notice any issue at all with The Touch sensitivity. I always use a minimal case with a screen protector on all my iDevices because of the resell value that I get from them. I dropped my current 6+ once or twice with no damage at all thanks to the protection on it. That said, cases and screen protectors aren't for everyone....
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    I've owned iphones since the first one (although only every other year, on the 's' version) I've also gone through several ipads. I've never had any protection on the front and never had issues. On my 6s I'm also using the apple silicon case and that's good for me. Just so it doesn't scratch when sliding along the table. On my previous phone, the 5s, I had a slim case again just to prevent back from scratching but 2 years of in and out of my pocket, sometimes with keys or coins, and not a single scratch. So yeah you'd probably be fine without the front screen protector but I'd still keep something around the back since that silicone case also has a lip around the front so when you put the phone face down it's not hitting the surface.
  4. j2ee Suspended


    Apr 21, 2015
    It really depends on what do you care. Some people cannot even accept little dirt or scratch, some people don't mind the phone looks like went through a battle.
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    Apr 29, 2015
    I purchased a Dawise tempered glass screen protector from Amazon. It's .3 mm and has a slick glass feel. I've bought three of them over the last year. 2 for my 6+ and one for my 6s +. I have dropped my 6s plus on the concrete from a short distance and had a chip at the bottom of the tempered glass protector. There was no damage to the phone or screen but I purchased the second protector. When I got tired of looking at the chip. I paid about $12 for them. I also use a clear thin spigen transparent case. To show off the beauty of my device. It's your choice to go naked or not. Just purchase insurance first. Before you go naked.
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    I've been without a screen protector for about three years. I always end up with very BERY fine hairline scratches, visible only when viewed at an angle with the screen off and you have to be liking for them. I'm not going to say it happens to everyone since I'm sure someone will argue that it doesn't, but I can't imagine why I would be a special case; phone is always In my left pant or coat pocket with nothing else alongside it EVER.

    Anyway, I don't feel screen protectors are necessary anymore unless you want to be sure you keep your screen absolutely pristine.

    A case, on the other hand, is a little different since even that few inch drop can potentially ding or dent the metal. But that depends on whether a ding or dent bothers you. I have a leather case that's scuffed up some, but I like the look and even the scuffs take in a great patina. I actually didn't get a new case this year because I love the look and feel of the one I have now.

    TL;DR: I think a case goes a long way keeping scuffs off your phone. A screen protector is no longer necessary unless you want to insure a mint condition screen.
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    Sep 12, 2009
    I've always used one until the 6s. It finally clicked with me how strange it is that I put a glass screen protector over my phone's screen, use it for a year and deal with very fine scratches or scuffs on the screen protector, just to peel it off and have it pristine for the person I sell it to. Makes no sense, really. Unless I were to replace my SP throughout the year whenever it gets a little blemish which I won't do because I kind of stop caring a few months into the new device.
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    I only use the glass type just for piece of mind. They cost cheap and feel just like a naked screen.

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