Should I use reading glasses for computer work?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by patent10021, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. patent10021, Jul 16, 2019
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    I have become far-sighted from excessive screen use. I've started sorta weird when reading MacBooks and phones ie. slight wonkiness. Should I use reading glasses for computer work?
  2. Scepticalscribe, Jul 17, 2019
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    What do you think?

    What does your optician or ophthalmologist think?

    How do your eyes feel when viewing a computer monitor or screen?

    Most eyes - unless they are glowing orbs shining from a youthful face - would find a reading the screen on a phone a pain.

    Only you can determine how uncomfortable your eyes feel when viewing a computer screen for an extended period of time.

    And - to be candid - I doubt that you have become "far sighted due to excessive screen use" (has someone trained in the field confirmed this?) - rather, I suspect you have probably become far-sighted due to the natural ageing process in the structures of the retinas of your eyes.

    However, my suggestion would be to have your eyes tested by a qualified professional, and to discuss what you think may be happening, and then see what they have to say about the issue, and what prescriptions for spectacles they may suggest, if any.
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    They are cheap give a pair a try in the drugstore and decide for yourself. Also if you don't already see an eye doctor regularly give it a go and have full exam. See what they have to say.
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    True, proper for you, "reading" glasses are likely too strong for computer use. You need something weaker than a standard "reading" prescription unless you are working with hand held displays (phones, tablets, ...). That said, you can start with off-the-shelf reading glasses from the drug/dollar store. If you do, start with the weakest, ~+1.0d.

    Also, it is highly unlikely that using a computer screen is the cause of your vision change. It is quite normal for vision to change as one ages. Check your driver's license and if the DOB is before 1980 then age is the most likely cause. You should see an eye doctor, optometrist or opthomologist, and have your eyes checked to be certain that there are other issues involved.

    I've worn eyeglasses for over 60 years (my DOB is way way earlier than 1980). I have significant myopia (nearsightedness) and moderate astigmatism. I also have presbyopia (narrowing of the focusing distance adjustment range, the primary age related vision change) which leads me to have different prescriptions for distance vision and close vision. I work with my eye doctor to get a prescription for more of a middle distance (~ 3' or 1m) instead of the typical arm's length reading distance. This is to target usinging a computer screen. Since I work with a large dual-display setup daily, I have dedicated middle distance glasses in addition to a separate pair for distance vision instead of bifocals. I have begun to also use some pince-nez generic reading glasses at +1.5d as an add-on boost for my distance glasses for reading at arm's length when I'm not wearing the "computer" glasses.0
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    I have two pairs, instead of trifocals. Both pairs have bifocals. One pair is for watching TV, driving, just about everything else, except using the computer. The other pair is, ….well, I guess that's obvious. I use a computer 8 hours + at work and much less at home. I usually replace one pair each year, upon examination. I wouldn't even consider using retail reading glasses. My vision is not that bad. I can drive without any glasses, or when wearing the wrong ones.
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    Go see an optician. They can diagnose way more than just your prescription by examining your eyes.

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