Should I wait for the "new" Apple TV or just buy the current version?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by desmotesta, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. desmotesta macrumors member

    Nov 17, 2012

    I have ried searching for an answer for this question without much luck.

    I would like to purchase an Apple TV but can't find any information on the when the "next" model is being released, and what is expected to be added to the "next" Apple TV.

    If memory serves me right, Apple usually announces the new one in Feb-march and I would hate to buy the current version only for a "new" one to come out in a couple of months.

    I dont see any information on the "Buyer's guide" link either.
  2. HobeSoundDarryl macrumors 604


    Feb 8, 2004
    Hobe Sound, FL (20 miles north of Palm Beach)
    There's no pattern to be recognized from only 3 iterations of a product. A new one coming out in Feb or Mar is as likely as one not coming out for 4 years (like the wait between the first & second generation).

    The box is $100, $85 in the refurb store. It usually sells for about that same price used but even if you took a big hit on selling it used- say 50%- your "loss" will be about $45-$50. In return, you get to enjoy the many benefits of it up until you take that "loss".

    You could wait a month or two for a new gen... or a year or three. Is doing without the benefits of the current one worth $45-$50 at worst?
  3. desmotesta thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 17, 2012
    very good points - thanks
  4. JesterJJZ macrumors 68020


    Jul 21, 2004
    I just ordered a 1080p Roku. Will tie me over until I can get Amazon Prime on Apple TV without hacking one.
  5. danbeckemeyer macrumors newbie


    Nov 26, 2012
    Even if you purchase one now and then again when they release a new model, you'll still likely use the older one on another TV in the home.
  6. linds15 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 16, 2012
    Great White North
    this, and its not a very large investment so i wouldn't bother waiting.
  7. HERO XXL macrumors regular

    Apr 18, 2010
    So very true--I just purchased another this past holiday season seeing as though having it on only one tv seriously limited all that i'm able to do. Go for it--you won't be disappointed in the least.
  8. iphone1105 macrumors 68020


    Oct 8, 2009
    Great point, it's what we did, moved the ATV2 to the bedroom, ATV3 in living room....ATV1 in our office.
  9. KonaMacMike macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2013
    I have both the apple tv, and roku.
    I am a cable cutter, and have been without for a few years now.
    The 2 of these (including netflix, amazon prime) have been more than enough for myself and family, I can't say it will be the same for everyone else.

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