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Jan 9, 2012
Hello! I am looking to purchase a Mac Mini as a desktop replacement.

I have the new version of Apple TV, 2 iPad 2s, 1 iPhone 4 and 1 iPhone 4s, iPod classics, and 2 iPod shuffles all throughout my house. However, i am still running my iTunes through my windows laptop:-(

I ultimately, want to have my Mac Mini in my living room hooked up to my 55" HDTV and have it as the home base for all of my music, video, and app purchases.

In the future i want to be able to edit pictures and create video projects with my mac mini since the iPhoto and iMovie software is already installed on the current versions.

I'd like to know if i should wait for the next generation of the Mac Mini? I dont know what upgrades will happen and if it will cost more or less than the current versions? I already have an external optical drive.

Should i also upgrade to the server version or would the base model suffice for what i'd like to do.

Also, i'd like to be able to run Windows on the mini as i may use it for work while i work from home on some days--is there a way i can do this?

Please help!!


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Dec 12, 2008
I think the current mac mini would suit all of your needs. No need to wait for a new version. It is very easy to connect the current Mac mini to your television. Just need a simple hdmi cable. And what you are describing does not require the server version.

If you have an Apple TV 2, why not just leave that connected to the TV and have your mini at your desk/workstation? You can still access all your music, videos, and pictures from itunes (assuming everything is in itunes) on the mini.

As far as installing windows on it for work, you can, but I wouldn't. Since you already have a windows laptop, there would be no need for it. In order to do it, you would have to partition (split the size of your hard drive) to have one part of it for OSX and the other part for windows. The you would need to buy a new windows license and install to the windows partition through a program called boot camp (included wioth OSX). but you would not be able to access anything on the mac side... so no listening to itunes music while you work.

If you want your mini to be the base for all your apps, music, and videos, I would rather have the entire hard drive dedicated as space for those and use the laptop for the occasional work from home days.

Hope that helps.


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Dec 21, 2011
Long Island, NY
My feelings on waiting to buy technology is that you can keep on waiting, and waiting. New stuff is always released or upcoming that will be better then what you have. If you want something now I'd get it.

What is nice about the Mac mini IMO is that it is not all that expensive and if I want to upgrade in 2-3 years I will have no problem doing so and either sell this or move it into using it in a different roll.

I used to rebuild my computers every two years or less. 300 dollars for a processor, 150 or so for a motherboard, new ram 50, Video card 200-400, sometimes a case, etc cost ends up being very close.

When I bought my first Mac (this mac mini i7 2.7) I was coming from a quad core 3.4 i7 PC and I can tell you I do not see any difference in speed. I'd probably go with the non-server if it was me and use the money your saving to buy an SSD and upgraded RAM. I'm sure more Mac pro's will jump in.

I just put Parallels on the computer for the one or two programs I need windows for. Unless your work is using specific software for windows, I'd bet you can do anything on the Mac
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