Should I wipe my stolen iPhone?

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    My iPhone 5s was stolen. I have it locked down with passcode and fingerprint. The thieves tried to use it once about 40 minutes after they stole it. but have not turned it on since. I want to wipe the device but, according to Apple's site, I can't track it and it will then be able to be activated by anyone. I certainly don't want either of that.
    Please see "4" at
    Is it gone forever and totally able to be activated if I do wipe it? Is there a site I can put my S/N and/or IMEI so that it is blacklisted from being activated?
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    They cant do nothing with it.
    Its activation locked once you wipe it.
    Also even if they tried to restore it before you wiped it they cannot get passed the activation screen cause it will ask for your apple ID and password.
    Without that info they will never be able to use it. So either way, its useless to anyone else but you.
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    Since your info is safe, why not let it be and see what turns up? Side question, Did you have control panel enabled in lock screen?

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