Should it stay or should it go??? PowerMac 2.5 DP tower with bad ps

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by techybrad, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. techybrad macrumors newbie

    Oct 3, 2009
    I need your opinions - please...

    I got my hands on a <free> PowerMac G5 tower - the liquid-cooled 2.5 GHz DP machine with 2.5 gigs of ram, the Radeon 9600xt 128mb vid card, superdrive, and apx. The power supply is dead (I assume, as it will not power up, and it "pops" when I hit the power button). It came with two 160 gb hard drives, which the previous owner requested that I wipe clean, and I did. I can reload os any time I want.
    My question is - should I keep the machine or let it go to a (craigs-list) buyer for $130? I know a working machine like this is considerably more valuable, but this one does not have a working power supply (as much as $200 to replace), and I don't know what else doesn't work on it. If the logic board is bad, then I am looking at another $500 or so. I do not see evidence of leaking coolant. The box is dirty, but in good shape other than that. I am one who likes to tinker with hardware, but have not dealt much with removing (liquid-cooled) processors to access power supplies, and don't know if this machine is worth repairing. I don't need the machine, but it could work well to replace the G4 MDD 867 I am using as a media server on my in-house network. Should I keep it or get rid of it? I would appreciate any and all perspectives.

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    Part of me wants to say that getting rid of it is a good idea. If it pops whenever the power button is pressed I would think that there's damage beyond the PSU - but I've had a machine weather a PSU'plosion once. If you do pick up a PSU, it shouldn't be too hard to let go of it again if the logic board is fried.

    However, liquid cooling with very hazardous coolant isn't the best way to run a server. If you plan on getting a new PSU and using it as a server, then I would also try and replace the liquid coolant with something akin to mineral oil. (exercise caution and contact your local toxic waste dump ;))
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    Apr 27, 2009
    Similar situation... Those liquid cooled based failures were given extended repair status by Apple.

    I bought a dead 2.5 liquid cooled g5, registered serial to myself, then asked apple nicely to fix it... They gave me a new mac pro rather than perform the repairs. Try it. Call apple and talk to whomever you can, don't go into the apple store and hope a genius takes pity on you.
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    "registered serial to myself"

    How did you register the serial number of the G5 to you when you didn't originally buy it? I may try this.

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