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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by guoyuchuang, Aug 6, 2007.

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    How do you show off your creation on your apple iPhone, especially you expect to treasure up your happy time and share your joys with your friends or families? Take my example, I ever used a good tool called Stuffs, which is a powerful slideshow making tool but very easy to use. Now I will take you to a perfect world after you follow my guide.

    Step1: Download “stuffs”, install and run it.

    Step2: Add your photos and videos fast
    Click button “Photo&Video” to activate the file browse window, select one or more media files in the pop-up window and then click button. All the photos or videos will be ready soon.

    Step3: Edit your photos and videos easily
    ○ Edit photo
    There are five edit functions to edit your artwork. You can crop your photos, add text, clipart and photo effect just click the right button.

    ○ Edit Video
    Double click on a video file thumbnail, you can trim your video and add video effect. Further, you can record your voice and then edit it.

    Step4: show off your artwork with magic effects
    ○ Transition Effect
    Click Effect Thumbnail to activate effect configuration window.

    In the effect configuration window, make further settings as follow.

    ○ Ken Burns Effect
    Click the pentagram on the photo or video thumbnail to activate effect configuration window. Then effect configuration window will slide out from the right edge of the application as follow

    Step5: surprise your output
    ○ Now you almost complete your artwork. Take a preview first.

    ○ Click tab “maker” to open output setting window.
    The bigger resolution value you choose, the higher video quality you will get, but the file size will be larger. CD (44.1 kHz) is a higher audio quality for sample rate and radio (22.05 kHz) is a normal audio quality.
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