Show us your Sketchbook Pro Art!!

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    I'm really impressed with Sketchbook Pro. It amazes me that you can just sit down and create art on the fly in great detail. I'm really interested in seeing what others can and have created with it. Upload it here!
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    Bump. I use Sketchbook Pro to paint my comics. I draw and ink by hand, then edit any mistakes and color with Sketchbook Pro. I love it.

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    haha nice. i m happy that i got the joke :D
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    My name is Brian, I am an illustrator and color artist for comic books from DC, Marvel, Image and more. My new book, How to Paint Comic Books with the iPad, just debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and is available exclusively for iPad from the iBookstore. The book includes step-by-step tutorials for painting artwork using SketchBook Pro for iPad. You can download a free sample from the iBookstore which includes a tutorial for painting lightning like super power effects.


    How to Paint Comic Books with the iPad

    You can find more info at:

    Thank you for taking a look. SketchBook Pro for iPad is an amazing App.

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