Showing beta versions of an app to a customer

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by aneuryzma, May 21, 2011.

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    May 9, 2011
    1. Can I send to my customer a beta version of my iOS app that he can run in the Simulator ?

    2. Can I install Simulator only (without Xcode) on a Mac ?

    I actually need an efficient methodology to send him the beta versions of the app, without having to meet him at each update.

    Also, (3.) is there a way to install a beta version of the app, I developed in my xCode on its iOS device without app store ?

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    This is what ad-hoc distribution is for. You can send someone a build that they can install on a device. You have to register the device previously. The ad-hoc build will only run on the devices that you choose when you build the provisioning profile and the provisioning profiles expire after a period of time.

    Read about it in the iTunes connect documentation on how to build for distribution.
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    I use to send apps to people, it's handy as you don't need a computer to install the app.
  4. firewood, May 21, 2011
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    1. Yes. You can send a copy of your app, as built for the Simulator, to anyone who has the same version of the (free) iOS SDK installed on their Mac. You can do this even without any developer enrollment or certificates.

    There's even a Mac app somewhere that will create a click-able installer for you app (as long as the recipient already has the appropriate iOS SDK and Simulator already installed), just by dropping your x86 app bundle on it.

    2. Not really. The Simulator won't run without the SDK. It's not a complete app by itself, and requires many SDK files to run. You might be able to install the complete iOS SDK with Xcode and delete Xcode, but that won't save as much disk space as you think, and you might delete some files that the Simulator needs to run.

    3. You can use Ad Hoc deployment to email a beta app to anybody (as long as you know their device's UDID). Or use testflight (google it). But you need an iOS developer certificate, and the number of devices is strictly limited.

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