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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by darkpixie08, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I'm having some trouble with the artwork in my itunes/appletv. I have a few movies set up a series (i.e. Star Wars, Resident Evil etc). The first movie's artwork is correct, but then each movie after it shows up with the first movie's artwork. When I click on "Get Info" and show the video artwork, it shows the correct one, but the thumbnail in iTunes and on the ATV is still not correct. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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    If I understand your problem correctly (which I hope I do), I would select all the videos in the series in iTunes (provided you're trying to make all the artwork the same), right click and select Get Info. Then I would add the correct cover art and select ok. See if that fixes the problem.

    You may also want to restart iTunes. Before checking the Apple TV for the change.
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    Dec 13, 2011
    Showing wrong artwork

    I have a similar problem, but here is a different description:

    All my iTunes movies have cover art. In ITunes, on the iMac, the cover art for each of the movies is the correct artwork.


    When I bring up Videos on my iPad2, and click "shared libraries", then "movies" on my iMac, the movie title and art work show up correctly attached to about the first 20 titles, but, after that the text movie title is correct but the artwork is not. For example, the text title will be "The Matrix" but the cover art will be "Doctor Who" or something else. Clicking "The Matrix" text title brings up the description page and then the art work is correct. Click "Done" to go back to the list of movies and the art work is again "Doctor Who".

    This is a 100% repeatable problem.... on the iPad2 (I first noticed it on my iPad1). It has not gone away with all the revisions since I got my iPad2.

    On the AppleTV, which I also have, the art work and text movie name are correct. Go figure. Supposed to be the same IOS. It also works correctly when viewing movie titles in "shared libraries" from another MacBookPro running Snow Leopard. Seems to be an iPad issue only.

    Footnotes: I am an experienced Apple SysAdmin, so I have at least some of my Apple ducks lined up. Also I have several hundred movies in my iTunes movie library on the iMac. That might be a factor here. I don't know.
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    I don't have any movies, but I have this same problem too, but with my music instead. Another slight difference is that the correct thumbnail does show within iTunes for me, but not on the ATV.

    Also, hutchej's suggestion above does not resolve the issue for me.

    (I'm not trying to threadjack here; just bringing it up in case it offers somebody some insight into what's wrong.)

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