Shrink My Pictures - Reduce Image Size Without Resizing

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    Shrink My Pictures - Reduce Image Size Without Resizing
    Reduce the file size of PNG, JPEG and GIF images while "maintaining the original dimension" instead of "downsizing the image". Save more disk space and store more stuff on your iDevices.

    How it works:
    Instead of downsizing the image to reduce the file size like other apps, Shrink My Pictures will try to analyze and re-compress the image with the same dimension to obtain minimum disk usage. The image quality might be changed but most of the time it is not noticeable.

    1. The disk space you saved let you store more stuff on your iDevices.
    2. It is also faster to share your optimized images with others while keeping original dimension.

    1. The size you will save depends on the image itself.
    2. A temporarily file will be created before processing, therefore be sure to have some space available or you iDevice. The temporarily will be removed automatically once you quit the app.
    3. The processing time might depends on the size of the original image, but you can cancel it at any time.
    4. It usually takes a little more time to process PNG images.

    Please report any bugs or questions at our forum on the website. We will do our best to solve your problems.


    JPEG Original Dimension:3264×2448 Size:2,982,411 byte
    JPEG Optimized Dimension:3264×2448 Size:968,280 byte

    JPEG Original Dimension:3264×2448 Size:1,637,992 byte
    JPEG Optimized Dimension:3264×2448 Size:344,793 byte

    JPEG Original Dimension:3264×2448 Size:1,674,439 byte
    JPEG Optimized Dimension:3264×2448 Size:399,911 byte

    PNG Original Dimension:1024×768 Size:1,246,379 byte
    PNG Optimized Dimension:1024×768 Size:934,617 byte

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