Shure SE530 in-ear monitors

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by avigalante, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Hi All -

    I'm considering a purchase of Shure SE530 in-ear monitors, and have a few questions for people who have these model earphones or any Shure's in general:

    For Shure owners:
    - How's the general experience of ownership been?
    - Is it necessary to fit the earphones upside down while wrapping them around the ear? (I've seen most people with Shure earphones do this; ideally, I'd like to put them straight in)

    For Shure SE530 owners:
    - The IEMs look rather large... do they stick out much?
    - How's the fit? (e.g. ergonomics, seal; are they generally comfortable?)

    Also, any advice on the following is greatly appreciated - In order to save some money, I'd like to purchase these from my local Craigslist or eBay; however, I'm a bit skeptical of the authenticity and legitimacy of the item (as seen below):

    A) Craigslist seller is willing to let them go for $325 (sealed, brand new in box).
    B) eBay auctions ares going for as little as $276 (that's nearly half-off the list price of $499).

    Any comments, thoughts and/or concerns are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all for the input. :)
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    The se530s are really nice. I had a pair, but sold them for custom in ear monitors.

    1. Great company to deal with. Generous 2 year warranty - if you have an invoice from a authorized reseller.

    2. Some earphones can be worn both ways, but the se530 is best worn over the ear. It is not a big deal though because these are one of the most comfortable monitors out there.

    3. They do not stick out and in fact sit flush to your ear. Very nice if you will be laying on them in bed (which I would be careful about). I have small ears, and they are comfortable and do not stick out. Low profile.

    4. Ergonomically genius. More-so than the rival Ultimate ears triple-fi pro, which are said to have better sound quality but a worse fit. The seal is very good with the foam tips (isolating). And like I said very comfortable.

    You have to be careful when buying from craigslist or ebay as there are fakes out there in the wild. Shure does not do warranty repairs for items without the invoice, so you are pretty much shot in that department. And with the shure se530, I would be extra wary - they have a history of cracking cables near where they would loop over your ear. However, this was 2 years ago and since then they have reported a new cable formulation which is supposed to rectify that issue. I had a recently made pair and have not experienced issues at all, and loved them very much - until I decided to get custom in ear monitors from ultimate ears.

    Hope this helps! Go over to if you want to know more info. That community is very knowledgeable and friendly so they can give you more advice. But be careful, once you get into head-fi, you're wallet will be very sorry.

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