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Shutdown Time has Increased Dramatically


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Sep 23, 2009
I own a mid 2011 Macbook Air. I recently installed Mountain Lion, and it's been pretty great. One issue I have is that the shutdown time takes 15 - 20 seconds now. It used to take like 2 or 3.

So weird too, I would have expected startup time to also increase if my shutdown time increased, but startup time is the same if not better.

Anyone else with this issue? Not sure how to fix this other than a clean install, which I don't really want to do (no backup drives on me at the moment and can't really afford a new one right now).



Haha damn, I figured it out. Of course I figure it out a second after I make the thread (this has been an issue for a couple days..didn't put two and two together until right now).

I recently installed Cubby (new cloud storage solution) on my computer. It's constantly been on, and it was increasing my shutdown time. I just exited out of the program before turning off my computer, and it was back to a few seconds.

Mods can lock or leave open for people who may have the same issue. Seems like a bug with Cubby (most likely) or maybe a bug with the way Mountain Lion handles background services?


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Feb 9, 2010
speedup ML shutdown and bootup time

I had the same problem on my new MBA 2102. First I did an upgrade, noticed these lags, then a clean install. Still the lags. I thought ML is faster? Heck NO!:confused: I was ready to re-install Lion.

My hunch was the Power Nap feature. Sure enough, after turning this off my fast boot-up and shutdowns are back!


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Jun 1, 2010
With my 2007 iMac using ML it shuts down under 10 seconds. What may do it for me is that I close out all open programs before hitting the shut down button. 


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Jul 19, 2012
I just got my MBP two days ago with Lion installed. The shut down time was about 6 seconds. That same day, I upgraded to Mountain Lion and noticed that the shut down time went from 6 seconds to around 34. The start up went from about 34 seconds to about 45 seconds.

Before I shut down, I make sure to close all open programs running in the background by going to "Force Quit" and seeing which programs are still running. Is this a bug or what?


Mar 26, 2008
i thought it may have been the VM Ware but resetting the SMC eventually and finally fixed it :) its back to instant shutdown
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