Shutting off iPod touch WiFi reboots my router?!?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by LizKat, Jul 22, 2009.

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    Sorry for long post but I need some help and am trying to provide enough details to ring a bell with someone, maybe... I hope! Thanks.

    This kill-WiFi-watch-router-reboot gig has happened to me more than a few times each now, with a 2nd generation iPod touch and also with a 1st generation one. I am not sure why it is happening. It seems somehow related to my use of the Bloomberg news app, but I'm not really sure.

    I have DSL with a Siemens combo modem-router, their Gigaset SE567.

    I have not bought the 3.0 upgrade yet for the iPod touch.

    I don't have mail or any automatic updates, push etc. set up to operate on either device. I do have some other apps on there but they are all set to update only once per launch, etc. AS FAR AS I KNOW and per any Settings prefs.

    Anyway I first noticed this rebooting behavior when sitting in view of the router lights: when I killed the WiFi on the 2nd gen iPod touch, the connection light on the router didn't go out immediately. That's not what happens when I shut off an Airport card after using a laptop on the net. So I glanced back at the iPod to see if I had actually slid the WiFi switch to OFF, and I had, and then as I glanced back at the router, the thing rebooted!

    So okay... so I wondered... coincidence? Or is a wrong signal being sent from the iPod to the router?

    I was curious and started wandering into view of the router when I was turning off the WiFi (this after say fifteen minutes use, not long) and same thing happened a couple more times, always with the 2nd gen iPod touch. But not every time I used it on the net.

    So I thought ok later for that; I blamed the new Ipod touch I guess.

    So then I started using a 1st gen iPod touch instead. More often, on that one, I use Safari with Reuters mobile site instead of Bloomberg for news, although I do sometimes use the Bloomberg app it to check the markets.

    And sure enough, once when the last thing I used was the Bloomberg app before I went to shut the WiFi off, turning it off seemed to make the router hesitate on the disconnect and then reboot. Both devices have ordinary net settings, I am not specifying static addresses or anything like that. The usual behavior is when I kill the WiFi, the effect is just that the wireless connection is released and the router's connection light goes off but the power, DSL and Internet lights stay on. I do not use more than one device on the net at a time (or very rarely, and not in these cases) and my net is secured via WPA2.

    So just as I was ready to go to the Bloomberg site and inquire, or go poking around the net looking for similar stuff, whammo, I was just using the iPod touch 1st gen the other day to get weather and a two-minute cruise through the top news on Reuters. I exited to the home screen, went to settings to kill the WiFi, and the darn router rebooted. I had not used the Bloomberg app in that session. Just Safari to Reuters site, and the weather app. It's possible I had used Bloomberg in offline mode though, maybe the night before or early that morning, and had not power-cycled the device since then. I am just not 100% sure.

    I should say that my DSL connection is very stable and I have not known it to reboot without my express request, ever, except now with these two iPods. I didn't like the old Siemens router I had but the SE567 seems to perform fine.

    Anybody have a clue what might be going on? I'm thinking of trying to force the router reboot to happen using a specific set of steps on one of the iPod touch (the 2nd gen one I guess), and then, assuming I can replicate it on demand, asking my provider's tech support to take a look from his side of things, but why go there if there's a simple reason and simple way I can prevent this behavior.
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    You could try: shut off your router then reset your modem, then after the modem reboots turn on your router. if that dosnt work u could reset ur router or even restore your ipod. just some suggestions. :)

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