Sibelius or Logic pro 7

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    Nov 18, 2004
    Hello, my dad just got a graphite, it will be here on monday. he is wondering whether to get sibelius or logic pro 7.

    any comparison or differences, anything from a person who knows what they are talking about will be greatly appreciated.
    also what is logic express? is it similar to logic pro?

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    Mar 21, 2004
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    As afr as I know, Sibelius is for high end notation software, (personally I use the Finale group of programmes) I've never used Pro Logic so can't comment there, have a search through the forums and you should come up with the info you need, Max
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    The two software programs are not directly comparable. To make a choice between them requires knowing what your Dad's goals are.

    Sibelius is a music notation (engraving) program for creating printed scores, which incidentally has a simple MIDI sequencer and software sampled instruments for playback.
    Download a demo of it here:

    Logic (Pro or Express) is a digital audio recording/MIDI sequencing program. The Pro version includes effects, software instruments, and incidentally can print notation from a MIDI sequence.

    Logic Express 7 is a cut down version of Logic Pro with fewer features, but still includes printing from sequences.

    What do you mean by he is getting a graphite? An iMac G3 Graphite? This is at the very bottom end of the power scale that would run the above programs. Sibelius's audio output may not play on a G3 iMac (requires G3 500 MHz for 1 - 2 sounds, G4 or G5 for scores with multiple instrument sounds). An iMac G3 will not run Logic Pro 7 at all, minimum requirement is a G4 with 512 Mb RAM and OSX, a G5 is highly recommended. I can't find a minimum requirements chart for Logic Express.

    For Logic, to get good results on recording audio will require extra interface hardware (USB or firewire digital audio interfaces are $60 - $2000 depending on quality and number of channels) as well as the appropriate microphones, mixers, etc.

    If your Dad's primary reason is to create professional quality printed music manuscript, then Sibelius (or MakeMusic Finale) is the choice.

    If the primary reason is to record and/or sequence music compositions for performance and for creating finished audio CD's, but not for having a professional degree of control over printed output, Logic Pro is the answer (assuming hardware to support it).

    If the primary reason is to get his feet wet in electronic music production with recording and/or sequencing, and have files that are portable to a professional studio running Logic, along with some printed output, Logic Express

    If the primary reason is to get his feet wet in electronic music production with recording and/or sequencing at a minimal cost, Garageband.


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