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    I bought my iPhone 4 two-tree months ago, but was a used phone so in total its around 1 year old. When I bought it, it already had IOS 5.01 installed on it.

    I use my phone every single day at work for music, and the iPod app runs 9 hours in a row, occasially using facebook in between. If I had charged my phone to 100% all night, then the phone would have around 50-60% left when I left work, which was perfect.

    Suddenly two weeks ago my battery went crazy! After only using the iPod app for 2 hours, it would have dropped 30%! My phone completely dies after about 6 hours play now.

    Whats even more strange, is that if its only on standby with nothing turned on, it will last a whole night without charging and only dropped 2%.

    It's jailbroken if that matters... I jailbroke it almost complete after the jailbreak come out, but this problem only started a week ago.

    Any ideas?

    PS... headline was supposed to say "Sudden" :)
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    I have similiar problems. I usually started with 100% in the morning and it only dropped to 80-90% in the evening. Now it's suddenly dropping to 20-30%. I didn't install anything new and already turned off useless GPS-stuff etcpp...

    Relevant Cydia-Tweaks:
    -Browser Changer
    -Calendar for Notification Center
    -NotificationShower for Notification Center

    The rest are apps like SysInfoPlus, Grooveshark, PkgBackup, ...
  3. Liberty. macrumors 6502

    Sep 13, 2008

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