Side protection for 2018 iPad Pro? (11")

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by JES, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. JES macrumors member

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    Greetings. I just read the case thread and see a lot of cases with no sides. I am wondering if people just aren't worried about protecting the side of their iPad pros. I've had a Mini for the last 3-4 years that I constantly use, but that means I have occasionally dropped it because I'm human and not perfect.

    The Apple smart case basically provides no protection on the sides as far as I can tell, through I do like the keyboard on it.

    What do people do? Or is adding a glass screen protector (or similar) enough protection for the 11"?

  2. Nhwhazup macrumors 68020


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    New Hampshire
    I always have a regular case on my phone along with a glass screen protector to protect against an occasional drop when out and about.

    On the other hand, my last two iPads - Air and then Pro I treat differently. I am usually sitting down and not walking around with the iPads. Therefore the risk of a drop is reduced significantly over the phone. I have used a matte skin on the iPad and a Power Support film screen protector to protect against scratches. Then I put the iPad, Apple keyboard, Pencil and earbuds in a zippered pouch when traveling about. This offers me the best of all worlds, totally unencumbered when at home and protected outside. This works great for me, including when my grandkids used it on a cross country trip.
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    I think the reason you are seeing a lot of the cases for the new iPad Pros without side protection is due to the Apple Pencil charging...

    I’m putting my iPad Pro in a case (with or without side protection) and ten put it in a sleeve for extra protection when traveling with it. I think that’s the best choice for me especially with still having the ability to charge the Apple Pencil. If you are looking for a case and don’t care about theapple pencil I have seen some on amazon that cover the sides and say they don’t support the pencil, maybe those will be something you’d like?
  4. Porterhouse macrumors 6502


    Aug 13, 2011
    I have my iPP in a case. When I'm at home, it's on the Twelve South holder or it's in my bag.

    I've already been through a couple of cases, trying to find the right fit, but that's not uncommon with me. If you want side protection, you might want something like this Fintie: I used it for a couple of weeks. Very affordable, and there's even a spot for the Pencil on the back.

    At the moment, I'm using a Pad and Quill. It's gorgeous. I'm not worried about side protection with it either.

    Here's the oddest thing I've noticed: I got a new screen protector a couple of days ago and finally put it on today. It actually comes with a separate piece of plastic meant to go around the sides. It's like a plastic case but only for the edges. (I'm not explaining it well. When I have a chance, I'll take a photo and post it here.)

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