Side Protectors Review - Phantomskinz, BestSkinsEver, Bodyguardz

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by darrinS, Sep 28, 2012.

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    The back skins all seem to be cut the same, but the sides differ.

    Phantomskinz: The side skin is one long piece that extends from the side mute/sound toggle all the way around to just below the lowest volume button and a small piece that fits between the two round volume buttons. No seems at all, although a little difficult to apply since it's so long. Full protection all around.

    BestSkinsEver: The sides are cut in five pieces. There is a piece that goes from mute/volume toggle to power button, another for the right side, a bottom piece a left side piece and a small piece to fit between the round volume buttons.

    Bodyguardz: Three pieces. One for top, another for the right side and one for left. No bottom protection.

    My thoughts: The worst of the three is the Bodyguardz since it provides no bottom protection, which is where I worry I might scratch trying to plug in the lightning connector or when eventually using a dock. The cut on BestSkinsEver is nice and it is easy to apply since there are several semi short pieces. Personally I like the Phantomskinz the best. It does take some patience applying since it is one long piece, but if you get it right, it's pretty hard to even notice since there are no seems.
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    You should add "review" or something to your title so people know. Anyway, thanks for the opinions.

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