Side Switch stuck on Orientation Lock (no functioning silent mode) [iOS 10, iPhone 7]

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by rongpanda, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. rongpanda macrumors newbie

    Apr 22, 2015
    Like the title says, my side switch (located above the volume keys) no longer functions as the silent mode toggle. Instead, it functions as the portrait orientation lock toggle, which is a feature only available for iPads. My control center lacks the portrait orientation key, probably due to there being a hardware toggle. Also of note is that calculator does not show up in the control center either.

    Just some background: I was able to get into the betas for all of the iOS releases starting from iOS 6, and somewhere along the line, Apple released this as a function for the iPhone in one of the betas (8 or 9, not sure). At this point, the settings app had a section where you could choose which function the side switch served, and I went ahead and changed it to the orientation lock.

    Fast forward to today and the feature is no longer available, and there is no option to change it back in the settings app. My phone can no longer be placed on silent, and I am forced to put it into do not disturb when in meetings, etc. The calculator being missing from control center also happened sometime during the iOS 10 beta, I believe, and has not reappeared since.

    I spoke to Apple support this morning, and I was told that my backup (which I've had since the first iPhone) is slightly corrupted and cannot be fixed. He said that the only solution he can give me is to start fresh with a new iOS backup, which will be my last resort option.

    Does anyone have the same issue or know anyone who does and has it been fixed before? The only thing I can think of is diving into the backup file and trying to find a fix there, but I know nothing about coding, etc., so I would need some help doing that. I would really appreciate any help that does not involve me starting a brand new iOS backup.

    This new phone (iPhone 7) is not registered for beta software and has not had any installed. It is straight out of the box with my previous backups restored onto it legit via iTunes. Images below:

    Current Control Center:

    About page showing iPhone 7 running official iOS 10.0.2

    Orientation unlocking despite no button in control center (using side switch)

    Orientation relocking despite no button in control center (using side switch)

    iTunes on macOS 10.12 recognizes phone as an iPhone 7
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    May 16, 2015
    You must have tried that feature in iOS 9.0 beta 2. That beta unlocked a few experimental features like choosing typing cursor position by activating trackpad on stock keyboard, and the feature you mention, to choose how the side switch function based on the toggle in settings app. Back into pre-6s era, both features were exclusive on iPad, not on iPhone.

    You can try to reset all settings and see if that toggle is back.

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