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    Siveview is a puzzle game. Player needs to restore the
    board cells's color based on the color of the side.
    It is a logical game, and also needs your patient.
    It contains 104 puzzles, from easy to difficult.

    The color on the side is the first color when you
    look through the board. i.e. left side's color means
    you look the board from left to right, each row has
    a color that you met first, and these color is shown
    on the left side, the right/top/bottom side colors
    are same.

    The board size is from 3x3 to 8x8, the color number is
    from 3 to 6. Every color will apears in each row and
    column, and **ONLY** apears once! Emtpy cells in row
    or column could exceed 1.

    The difficult puzzle is REAL challenge.

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