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Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by Galgeberg, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Mar 27, 2017
    Hello all. I've recently upgraded my OS. I always wait a good 4 or 6 months after the latest version is launched to make sure that all updates will be in working order with the software in use. Unfortunately this caution didn't quite work this time, as the sound settings wouldn't recognise the sound card that has been attached to the computer since I purchased it. I am beyond disappointed. When I invested in Mac, the point was essentially to have a more efficient machine to work with music, now the whole purpose is defeated with an OS that simply can't detect the sound device. Reading thoroughly among some forums I noticed that this was an issue addressed in a large number of times by Mac users, with no satisfactory from admins other than, contact the manufacturer of the software. Will all due respect I doubt that Line 6 or any of the Midi creators have any responsibility here, as the upgrade in OS has been launched by Apple. I suppose I have no choice but backing up all data and simply try to restore to factory settings, but I'd like to discourage anyone to even look at this Sierra, at least if they ever have the intention of plugging their guitars in the Mac Book. I've been an Apple user for a long time, and now I feel beyond let down. Very, very disappointing people.
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    Any change to restore an OS back-up that worked for you? You'll then have some more time to investigate and troubleshoot the issue with the vendor of your music related soft- hardware. Good luck!

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    Audio stuff is always the most finicky when it comes to OS upgrades. On Windows too. Did you simply wait or did you actually research if your stuff is compatible?
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    I'll tell you later on I suppose, heading off to collect a new external HD now; don't want to take chances this time.
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    Simply waited and that's certainly my fault, no doubt. I've always trusted Apple as I was quite happy with the overall performance and efficiency upon my recording sessions. Wrong. I used Windows for years, and even though I had multiple failures on processing the recording sessions, hence my change to Mac, I never had an issue like this. Windows would simply detect the hardware from the moment it was plugged.

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