MP 1,1-5,1 Sierra/High Sierra HDMI no option for sound output

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by LEOMODE, Aug 4, 2019.

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    With my Mac Pro 5,1 my sound settings are as follows:

    *direct 3.5mm output to pc speakers (default sound out)
    *HDMI out from GTX1080 card over to HDMI switcher, then Optical out to my soundbar

    When I'm in Boot Camp Windows 10 mode, the OS detects my soundbar just fine and I can output the sound using HDMI, but with Sierra (planning to upgrade to High Sierra), all I see is just a) built-in Mac Pro internal speakers, b) audio line out (my current pc speakers) or c) built-in Mac Pro optical digital out port. I do not see HDMI out.

    Is this intended and not possible? I did notice that I may have to disable SIP and install stuff but it was such a pain to make my Handoff available since I bought a separate apple airport wifi/bt card and went through a lot of trial&error to make this work!

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    Normal, in MacOS, you need 3rd party software to control HDMI audio volume.
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    Only 10.14.4 enabled native HDMI audio output, for AMD GPUs like RX-580 and newer. So, yes, no HDMI audio output with macOS Sierra/High Sierra - unless you mod the kexts, there is a thread about that.
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    Thanks guys. I realized I can hook up the sound via bluetooth but there is an unfortunate slight lag despite having 0ms audio delay setting within my soundbar and intermittent disconnects :(

    I'm now wondering: I have an external Bluetooth as well as Wifi card that I use separately since Airport cards don't perform as good as the new models, in Boot Camp I can disable Airport cards. Can I do that with Mac too, so I can just ignore Handoff but at least I can get better Bluetooth/Wifi?

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