Sigma 30mm f1.4 or Canon 35mm f2

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by mac mac mac, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I recently bought the T2i with the 18-55mm kit, along with the EF-S 55-250mm lens. I am interested in buying a fast prime for indoor shots. I am debating between the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and the Canon 35mm f2. I have read many different reviews, and it seems like both are great lenses. I like the Canon because I can use it on a full frame body if I decided to upgrade later, and the minimum focus distance is only 8" instead of 14" on the Sigma. As the the Sigma, I like it because it can shoot at a wider aperture and it's HSM. What do you guys think? The price of the Canon 35mm f2 has been creeping up, and it goes for $329 at B&H and Adorama. The Sigma is about $439 and it comes with a case and lens hood.

    What's your opinion? Should I go with Canon or Sigma? I'll probably use it as a general walk around lens, and of course indoor because I don't like using flash. Which one is more suitable if I want to occasionally shoot videos? Thank you.
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    The Sigma is very sharp in the centre, but quite poor at the edges of the frame - even on a aps-c sensor camera:

    The Canon measures well, seems sharp, but as quite a poor bokeh - quite a distracting background blur when used wide open:

    Personally, I have the 24mm f2.8 - since it's pretty sharp and is quite light (I like the angle of view too). It's not fast though, and the focus motor isn't USM.

    Of the two you're discussing, I'd pick the Sigma for video use as:
    - The faster speed is better for good background blur effects
    - The bokeh/blur itself on the Sigma looks nicer
    - Resolution isn't a problem for video, since you're effectively only shooting at 2MPixels
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    If you're buying it so you can shoot wide open and what other point is there to fast lenses really, then you'll be better off with the Siggy. It's sharper in the middle which is where the subject is most likely to be and has a nicer bokeh round the outside and it's got HSM.

    I own this lens and it's sweet, but if you haven't shot at 1.4 you're in for a shock, the DOF it razor thin so it's hard to get in focus shots.
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    Sounds like the Sigma is a better choice. How does the Sigma feel? Is it too heavy on the T2i? Does the minimum focus distance matter when shooting close up? In addition to indoor, I basically want to use it as a walk around lens. A lot of people suggested the nifty fifty but I think it's too tight on my 1.6x crop body? If I shoot at f4 and up, will the overall become sharper and will the edges still look soft? Sorry I just got my first DSLR and still learning. Thank you for all the inputs and suggestions.
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    Sigma feels great, but it's only APS-C (and it really is its only weakness)
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    I have the Sigma (for Nikon) and I'm very, very happy with this lens. Right now, it's my most-used lens lens. The initial aperture of f/1.4 is very addictive and allows me to do a lot of available light photography. Although I'm aware that the lens performs less well in the corners, I haven't noticed anything distracting in practical applications.

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