Sign into YouTube but not all google apps


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Apr 5, 2016
I recently noticed I was signed into google maps, which isn't my preference, so I signed out. When I opened YouTube, I was also signed out.

When I signed back in to YouTube, I am signed into google maps.

Does anyone know how to stop this linking from happening/sign into one google app without signing into to all google apps and services across my device?


Dec 15, 2016
You will need to go to the individual Google apps and sign out of them. Google uses some kind of custom account management for their apps.


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Mar 21, 2014
I take a different angle to segregating my Google "stuff". I use both Fluid (paid version for separate cookies/caches) and Epichrome, depending on my needs. I created and use separate Epichrome apps for The Guardian (paid Supporter), YT Red, Vivo, Google Maps, two Gmail accounts, and Weather Underground (paid version). I like both solutions as the created web apps can take advantage of dGPU acceleration and maintain separate cookie/cache folders.

I like Epichrome for some of my preferred web apps because I can install Chrome Extensions (like uBlock Origin and Dark Reader).

I like Fluid for some solutions such as Instapaper as I find Webkit to work better than Blink for some web portals.
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