iPhone Silence All? And I mean ALL!

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by eyoungren, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Is there a tweak/app that will silence EVERYTHING when toggled? Ringers, alerts, alarms, reminders, etc? Including completely silencing anything that comes from apps?

    I come from a Windows Mobile background so muting the phone muted everything. I was expecting the same behavior when I got my iPhone 5. Sadly, the Ring/Mute switch does not silence everything. All it does is silence the ringer, text message alerts and voicemail indicators. If you have a calendar alert or an alarm set there is no way to quiet this except to turn off the phone completely (or at the very least bring the volume down).

    I know there is an argument in the Apple community about what the Ring/Silent switch should actually do, but really, I shouldn't have to turn on Do Not Disturb (which does not work when the iPhone is unlocked by the way), use the Ring/Silent switch, turn my volume down (or shut the alarm off) and put the iPhone in Airplane mode just to make the dang thing quiet in a movie theater, performance, meeting, etc. Sure, I can turn it off, but I shouldn't have to. I never had to with my four year old Windows Mobile phone. But even in doing all that, there's still the POTENTIAL that an alarm could go off at full volume.

    I just want my iPhone to be able to do everything it does normally, but not make ANY sound at all when I tell it to.
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    Unfortunately, when I looked for such a thing two years ago, it was nowhere to be found. Hopefully something has changed since then & someone can provide an option. Back then, I cobbled together a Winterboard UI sounds theme full of silent .caf files for every annoying sound I could find, but it's not as convenient as a simple on/off toggle would be.

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