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Aug 10, 2006
If you choose the option of "Fresh Install" when installing Leopard, do you personally have to clean out your hard drive or does it do it for you?


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Oct 24, 2007
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I was about to start a new thread, but I might as well ask here.

First post btw! :)

I'm going to be getting a new iMac (2.4GHz 20") this week which will come pre-installed with Tiger, but will come with the Leopard DVD (full retail of course). Which is pretty sweet, since that's basically two operating systems for free.

Now I want to install Leopard immediately, and a fresh install seems the logical choice since I won't be using the pre-installed Tiger at all. Is the following all I have to do to accomplish this?

1) Boot up the iMac into Tiger
2) Insert the Leopard DVD
3) Choose the fresh install option



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Sep 25, 2007
BTW, It might have made more sense to make a new thread but I'll help ya anyway.

Since your Mac will be all new (and, as you said, you won't even have been using it) you don't need to do a fresh install. An upgrade should be sufficient. Plus a clean install would delete all the included non-OS-X software such as iLife; you would have to reinstall by yourself using the Tiger disc that came with your Mac (The OS X install CD).

Just do as Leopard guy does in the Leopard guided tour (it's at the end of it) or follow whatever instructions come with your Up-To-Date disc.
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