Silly Question about iPhone 4 Multi Tasking

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jason2811, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I'm considering getting an iPhone 4 and leaving my Blackberry. I currently have the first generation iPod Touch. My question is about multitasking/app switching. Let's say I'm in an app such as Tap Tap Revolution. On the original Touch/iPhone if you press the home button (once) in the middle of the game you are brought to the home screen and the game quits. When you go back into the game, it boots up from the beginning and you are not where you left off. Is this the same on iOS 4? Or is it set up so that when you press the home button (once) the game pauses in the background and you are sent to the home screen and then when you return to the game it is where you left off? I'm talking about single tap of the home button, not double. Sorry if that was confusing.
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    It's up to the developer of the app to allow it to background. If they haven't, then you'll just start over when you switch back to it.
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    iOS4 multitasking is not actual multitasking in the truest accepted definition of the term. Therefore most apps will not automatically pickup where they left off when you close/switch to another app unless they have released an update to be compatible with iOS4's version of multitasking.

    Multitaking normally means that the full app is still running in the background while you use another app. Therefore they require no special coding within the app itself to continue to run in the background. In iOS4 that app is not fully running in the background, only certain features are allowed to keep running. So the developer must code the app with Apple's API's for the specific "multitasking" features that they would like it to have.

    In short, if the app currently does not "pause" when you exit and pickup where you left off when you reopen and the developer has not released an iOS4 compatible version with such a feature, it will likely reboot from the begining everytime you switch back to it in iOS4 multitasking.
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    So it pretty much depends on whether or not the developers updated their apps for iOS4?
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    Exactly, yes.

    I'd say that perhaps 40% of the apps I have on my phone have been updated to iOS 4.

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