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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
Should companies like Netflix, or any streaming service that relies on Microsoft (clunky) Silverlight technology to use as their player, rely on it sourly ? WHich is what their doing today, Or should they start building their own technology, in case Silverlight goes away. ?

It could, happen couldn't it ?, And it it does, then those companies that rely on Silverlight will be in frantically trying to do their own ASAP....

WHy not start now, before that "end of life" happens ? As with anything, Microsoft has been deciding, in the news, on a new name for "Silverlight", while Adobe has limited Flash to non-IOS devices, and now has canned it for all together on mobile platforms...

Whats to stop Microsoft doing this with silverlight too on computers ?


Jan 18, 2005
Then providers will switch away from it. It's not really a problem. Do you think these guys would carry on operating if nobody could see the content?


Jul 11, 2006
Microsoft is a company that will give them plenty of warning before it is discontinued if they ever decide to do that so they'll have plenty of time to switch to something else if they needed to. If they were developing their own in house technology then it wouldn't be as widespread and it would just annoy a lot of people.


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Jun 25, 2007
St. Paul, Minnesota
Silverlight is actually not very clunky, quite capable, and powerful in my mind. Especially compared to flash. My fans are never on even when streaming HD Netflix content fullscreen on my Pro.

Microsoft did a good job with it, I remember the first couple years it was worse than Flash in every way imaginable and there were a lot of developers ignoring it.
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