SIM Card and Account [AT&T]

Discussion in 'iPad' started by thatoneguy82, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Is the account/activation SIM specific? Also, is there anything special about the new iPad iPad SIM card? I was thinking doing these two kind of scenarios:

    1) I have a hotspot on my account. Remove my SIM card from my device, and insert into the new iPad. Would the iPad now have cellular capability and access my account?

    2) Add a new line to my parent's account. I would probably ask AT&T to make that SIM card in the new iPad the phone I would get when adding a new line.; and create a data only account.

    In short, I'd rather not have the new iPad be activated and have an account on it's own. I want it be added to an already existing account.

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    doesn't work that way.

    iPad is a separate prepaid account on the consumer side.

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