Sim Card in iphone?

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    okay. so i'm with rogers and have had a samsung phone for a year or so, but it recently broke, so i'm thinking i'm going to buy an iphone second hand (it's unlocked) and just put my rogers sim card into it. the thing is, with my current plan, i just have like, however many free minutes and unlimited text. what i'm wondering is, if i want to use the iphone JUST for texting and sometimes calling, is it okay just to put my sim in as is, without adding data to my plan? i've heard that iphones are always accessing the internet so without data, your bill goes through the roof. but is there anyway to prevent this from happening? (like disable the automatic browsing or whatever) so i can just use the phone for texting with my unlimited text plan? thanks
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    You'll have to check with your carrier, AT&T will add the data plan to your account automatically.
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    You can do this but just be sure to turn Cellular Data off.

    Go to the Settings app, then General, Network, and turn Cellular Data off. This way it will only use WiFi.

    I use this in the U.S. with my sister on an AT&T GoPhone with no Data, she pay likes $15 a month only.

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