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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Appurushido, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Currently using an iPhone 6+ and plan to get a SIM free iPhone 7+. Am I able to buy it outright, pop in my SIM from the 6+ and use it instantaneously, or do I need to let ATT, my carrier, know because of the IMEI and other things associated with a new phone, and will I incur the dreaded $30 upgrade fee when I swap out phones?

    Also, to those who are on ATT or anyone, if I go with the next program over a bought outright phone, will that increase my monthly bill by $15? If so I will just buy it outright.
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    Just move the SIM over and you're ready to go
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    I would check with ATT. The iPhone will work but payments may change. I was told by an Apple Store rep I could not buy a sim free iPhone and have them put it on my current Next program. Buying outright may be different. You could lose the 25.00 line credit. I am thinking about buying one on Apple IUP payment plan with ATT as my carrier. But, I need to ask ATT if I will lose any discounts. I forget why I have the 15.00 line credit.
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    saw this, sounds like we both should keep 25.00 line discounts

    Mobile Share Value Savings

    • If you have a Mobile Share Value line with a smartphone on an AT&T Next installment plan, or if you bought your phone at full retail price, brought your own phone, or are out of annual contract, you qualify for a monthly Mobile Share Value discount of $25 for that line of service. This discount appears as a credit on your bill.

    • If you just upgraded your smartphone to a 2-yr wireless agreement, this confirms you will not receive the Mobile Share Value discount of $25 for the line upgraded.

    • In order to keep the credit/discount when upgrading, choose an AT&T Next installment plan, bring your own phone, or pay full retail price for the phone.

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