SIM Unlocking Virgin Mobile USA iPhone 4S for use overseas

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    Hello All!

    I recently purchased an off-contract iPhone 4S from Virgin Mobile USA. Even though I paid its full device retail cost, it appears that Virgin Mobile USA will not unlock my iPhone for use with overseas SIMs when travelling abroad. Also, they do not provide any international roaming services, so it totally defeats the purpose of the iPhone 4S being a "World Phone". Is there any way that I can unlock this phone via the carrier or through a website offering IMEI unlocks? Unfortunately none of these websites list Virgin Mobile USA as a supported carrier. Any suggestions not involving a jailbreak would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    Mar 13, 2013
    You can ask Apple official support what you can do in such situation. IF they can't help you, you will have to jailbreak your phone.
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    Apple will just refer you to your carrier. And unfortunately there's probably a clause in the terms and conditions for Virgin service that says that the phone is locked to their service and you agree to this and you are SOL that you didn't see this before signing it.

    That said, are we certain that the sim is locked. Has a sim from another service actually been tried. I would verify that before looking for a service to hack the phone since that voids all warranties with Apple and those places generally sell their service 'at buyers risk' thus avoiding having any warranty themselves.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Shouldn't you have figured that out before you bought it?
    A vm iPhone is useless.
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    I did try a foreign Softbank SIM card from Japan. The phone detects the SIM and will not get past the activation page saying that the SIM is not compatible with this iPhone.


    Yeah, I figured that I may not be able to do this, but I was just wondering if someone had any workarounds for this situation.
  6. RyanScott54, Jun 30, 2013
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    Virgin Mobile Iphone 4S GSM Unlocked!

    Hey guys, I’ve got some great news!!! I was finally able to unlock my iPhone 4S - Virgin Mobile CDMA. It’s pretty much impossible to get Virgin Mobile or Sprint to release the device. AppleCare did advise me mine was locked to Sprint directly.

    If you do not wish to unlock this is the best method to keep it stock IOS 6.1.3. The New GPP I purchased had “US Virgin” on chips carrier menu. No need input IMSI manually. It did take couple hours get it working correctly had couple issues with reset sim not making contact and reading but resolved it.

    I activated both AT&T Go Phone Micro Sim & T-Mobile, Both were successful with logging in networks and Dialing *2 you’ll hear each carriers welcome prompts. Just waiting for my new month of service to run out before I swap over to AT&T myself.

    Best Plan going seems to be AT&T Go Phone 4G HSPA+ $6 Go Phone Smartphone Monthly unlimited with Data. All Nationwide calls: Unlimited. Messaging: (Text, picture, video.) Unlimited. Data/Mobile Web: 2GB’s Option for 1+ GB for $10. I believe that’s best coverage for speeds plus you gain Talk & Web Surf at same time!

    ** Note iPhone 4S is 3G only device, not compatible with LTE only iPhone 5 is able to use LTE speeds. (Virgin Mobile just release iPhone 5 June 28th 2013 $549.99)

    *** AT&T 4G HSPA+ “High Speed Packet Access” HSPA+ enhances the widely used WCDMA (UMTS) based 3G networks with higher speeds for the end user that are comparable to the newer LTE networks. In the United States, it is commonly available under AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US.


    Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S GSM Unlock with New GPP!
    Requires: New GPP L1S3 Newest 6.1.3 USA Sprint

    Step 1: Download GPP V6.0 software activation PC only software, Mac users may install with Parallels Desktop 8.

    Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and open GPP V6.0 you downloaded in step 1 and Click On "Update" Leave Drop down menu on “other”

    Step 3: Input activation code included in the kit into the software when Prompted 

    Step 4: ON "Select Carrier Prompt" in the software click on "CMCC" from drop down box. 

    Step 5: "Unsigned Profile" Profile window will pop-up on your iPhone tap "Install Now" click "Done" Restart and disconnect iPhone from computer.

    Step 6: Place GPP Sim PCB on its tray with GPP Reset Sim on top of PCB board, insert into phone and select your current Carrier “US Virgin”, tap accept and turn OFF phone.

    Step 7: Eject tray, ONLY remove the GPP Reset SIM and place your Active desired SIM on top of GPP Sim Impostor and insert back into phone. 

    Step 8: Power on iPhone, close voice mail prompt if asked, wait for your carrier signal, your iPhone is now UNLOCKED!!

    Notes: If having problems start over. I did notice that once the GPP Impostor + GPP Reset Sim were placed in iPhone 4S first time that carrier list didn’t populate. After messing around with it I was able to get it pop up. You must install the GPP Patch. If revert back to Virgin Mobile remove GPP patch, it will disable settings and Visual Voice Mail feature.

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    iPhone 4S 16B Black Virgin Mobile US CDMA - Unlocked GSM with New GPP – iOS 6.1.3
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    You should contact into i phone because if you have done full payment then it is their duty to solve your problem!!!they will provide you carrier to unlock your phone!!!

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